As you approach your wedding day, chances are soon you will be starting a new home together with your new partner. You want to ensure that the gifts you receive from your guests on your wedding day are wedding gifts that you will use for the years to come.

To avoid the risk of getting duplicate gifts, you may want to consider setting up a bridal registry at one or some of your favorite stores. Once you do this, be sure to note the location of your bridal registry or bridal registries on your invitation so your guests know where to shop for you. Your guests will be able to look up your wedding registry at the store, and purchase the bridal gifts or wedding gifts that you still require and have not already been purchased.

Pretty soon your wedding day will be filled with gifts from your wedding gift registry, lessening the burden on you to shop for your new home afterwards. You can set up your registry for wedding at most of the popular department stores.

Be sure to browse your location’s Bridal Registry page to find the best bridal registry stores in your area or search our Bridal Boards and talk to brides in your area for ideas on what kind of items you should add to your bridal registry.

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    Bridal Registries are a popular way to get the gifts you actually want on your wedding day. Read our ideas on how to set them up and inform your guests where to shop in a polite manner.
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