If you need bridal shower planning advice, you have come to the right place! Perfect Wedding Guide is your partner in perfect wedding planning, and we have the best shower ideas, themes and planning tips! Whether you are the bride trying to negotiate with an overzealous relative planning your shower or a bridesmaid doing all the planning on your own, we are here to help.

The articles above are devoted to providing all the essential information necessary for planning bridal or wedding showers of all types. From the latest trend of co-ed showers and stock the bar showers to more traditional bridal shower ideas and themes, you can find all the information you are looking for here, at PerfectWeddingGuide.com.

Browse our articles to learn who should traditionally host the shower, which shower etiquette and rules are outdated and which you should still follow, as well as unique and creative ideas for your shower’s location, activities and theme.

Bridal shower etiquette suggests that bridal showers should take place at least two months prior to the wedding date, so don’t put your planning off till the last minute. There is no official rule saying that bridal showers can’t happen earlier however, so the sooner you start the better (especially if the bride has several bridal showers to attend).

Browse your location’s Local Wedding Planning Resources page to find bridal shower ideas for your area or search our Bridal Boards and read what other brides in your area did for their bridal showers.

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