Some brides love to leave the wedding planning to the experts and just turn up on the big day to have fun. If this is you, then a destination wedding may be what the solution you are after. Destination Weddings can often be a more romantic option when combined with exotic locations, and you do not need to worry about the stress of catering to hundreds of guests.

Your weddings destination does not need to be limited to just a beach. Yes, island weddings are very popular, and provide that romantic feel and backdrop to your special day, but there are also other wedding destinations. For island weddings, carribean weddings prove to be highly popular. Mexico is also picking up as a hot spot for destination weddings - due to its picturesque lakes, mountains, and beaches.

Another option to consider is European cities such as Paris or Venice. You can combine your destination wedding with your honeymoon, saving you money in the process. Also your close friends you invite to your destination wedding can also enjoy a holiday out of your special day. We have many articles on things to consider for destination weddings, where to go, the pros and cons, and how to plan your destination wedding.

Be sure to browse your location’s Destination Weddings page to find the best destination wedding travel agents in your area or search our Bridal Boards and talk to brides in your area for ideas on what kind of places you may want to go for your weddings destination.

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  • Destination Weddings

    Destination weddings offer the luxury of sitting back to relax and let someone else plan your wedding for you. You just turn up and enjoy the day in an exotic location, watching the sun set in front of you. Read ideas on planning your destination wedding below.
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