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Looks like we aren't the only couple who thought Jean was unpleasant to work with. We found out our ceremony was double booked six weeks before our wedding when we called to schedule our rehearsal. Our wedding went from 5 pm (sunset) on a Friday, to noon. Which basically ruined (at least for me) everything we had planned for the ceremony- our bridesmaids had black cocktail dresses which looked awful for an outdoor ceremony at noon, it was supposed to be candlelit up the walkway and steps (impossible, obviously) and ruined all plans and appointments for hair, photos, transportation, etc. by pushing the wedding up 5 hours at the last minute when we somehow got moved to noon. It also created a huge headache for our guests. We were given no option, for whatever reason, to have our ceremony at 5 pm (which was our contractual time). This was especially great when we were told by the employee running things at our rehearsal that they were surprised we had agreed to change to noon since we had signed our contract well before the other couple. To add insult to injury, the day we found out it was double booked and our time was changing (invitations were of course already done) Jean never once apologized but instead told me three times how stressful this was for HER. That's right. She was stressed out. She was leaving for vacation the day after our wedding and, I quote, did not want to be dealing with this. It really took a lot of the excitement out of the weeks leading up to our wedding and added an incredible amount of stress and tears, on my end, to try to re-plan and reschedule our entire day. We were lucky that most of our vendors were amazing and did everything they could to help us juggle the day and try to fix it, but, in a lot of ways, the damage was done. Thankfully- I got to marry my best friend, and I know that that's the most important part.
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