Adjustments that can be made at home to help budget for your wedding

Simple Ways to Cut Down Costs Before Your Big Day

Like many of our friends, my husband Zac and I bought our first home a couple of months before our wedding day, learning quickly we had to make short-term financial sacrifices to ensure we were prepared for the milestones we were about to experience. Determining what we could and should sacrifice was a task we […] Read more…

wedding planning

Your 48-Hour Pre-Wedding Checklist

Getting engaged is such an exciting time. However, the exhilaration of saying “I will” can quickly be replaced by the overwhelming concerns surrounding planning a wedding. I designed my Smart Start series to take the worry out of planning your wedding. Smart Start will be delivered to your inbox every week filled with tips on […] Read more…

Wedding Color Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid These Wedding Color Mistakes

Incorporating one or more signature colors into the overall wedding design has become the norm in Western culture. With a rainbow of options out there, it can be overwhelming to some couples when it comes to narrowing down those color choices. Today we thought we’d share some potential mistakes you’ll want to avoid as you […] Read more…

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