9 Really Cool Save the Dates As Seen on Instagram

Many modern brides credit Pinterest as the “mother of all things wedding planning inspirational” when it comes to sourcing ideas and details for the big day. But coming in at a close second is Instagram. And just by doing a quick hashtag search, you can find plenty of #inspo to fit just about any and every wedding theme. Case in point, these really cool save the date ideas we sourced this afternoon. Take a look at nine of the best “saves” as seen on Insta.










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Walk It Out: 7 Memorable Ways to Exit Your Wedding Reception

wedding reception exit

With all of the planning that goes into a wedding, couples sometimes overlook one important part: their grand exit. By the end of the evening, things are winding down and a number of the guests have departed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an exit to remember! Here are some exciting exits we’ve seen at recent events:

(1.) Hot air balloon. If you’re getting married during the morning or early afternoon, a hot air balloon would make a whimsical send-off. Just be aware that conditions have to be perfect for this to go off without a hitch!

(.2) Classic transportation. Don’t just drive off in a limo…charter a classic car such as a Rolls Royce or Ford Mustang. Some couples have even done motorcycle exits. The roar of the engine as you drive off will sure make an impression!

(3.) Lantern release. One of the most visually stunning exits involves guests releasing white or colored paper lanterns into the night sky. Just breathtaking!

(4.) Row, row, row your boat. If you’re getting married near water, consider a romantic exit via a row boat or a dramatic exit via a chartered yacht or similar vessel.

(5.) Unique tosses. Consider giving guests themed items to toss (or wave) during your exit. Think beach balls in a variety of sizes and colors that guests toss into the air, small flags with farewell messages written on them (or vibrant glow sticks) that guests wave during your exit.

(6.) Hollywood style. We recently worked with a military couple, and at the end of the event, the groom swept up the bride a la an Officer and a Gentleman. If there’s a romantic movie scene that speaks to you, consider a reenactment as you walk out the door.

(7.) The tunnel effect. One photo-worthy way to exit is to have your guests line up along two sides to form a row and create a tunnel for you to exit through. This can be done with swords (military weddings), light sabers (Star Wars or Sci-Fi fans), glow sticks, or even just your guests’ arms.

Even if you’re staying the night at your reception location, make the end of your wedding memorable by including a remarkable send-off. It’ll be the last thing your guests take away from the day that you spent so long planning, and you’ll love the photos you’ll get to enjoy after the fact.

Are you planning a grand exit from your reception? Tell us all about it!

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See Natalie Portman Go From Mrs to Miss In this French Riviera Wedding


Actress,director and producer Natalie Portman is married but she gave up her Mrs. title to star in Dior’s new fragrance ad “It’s Miss, Actually.”

Portman’s Miss Dior fragrance ad,coincides with the launch of the line’s new hair mist and according to People Stylewatch, the film opens on a serene Portman on her wedding day receiving a boquet of lilies of the valley. She goes from walking on the French Riviera to an anxious groom, to having a change of heart and running in a custom made Dior gown to catch a getaway Helicopter. [Read more…]

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