In the News: Ikea Gets in the Bridal Business with New Virtual Wedding Service


When you think Ikea, you envision DIY projects, Swedish meatballs, cinnamon buns and cute knick knacks you don’t need but absolutely want! You don’t necessary think about love–unless swooning over their new stationary collection counts.

When it comes to mastering the art of boxing things up for a perfectly assembled experience, Ikea has it all figured and now they seemingly have mastered how to create the perfect wedding–virtually. [Read more…]

10 Things We Loved About the THEIA 2016 Spring/Summer Runway Show

wedding blog, wedding dresses, SS16 THEIA 1. This amazing bodice.

wedding blog, wedding dresses, SS16 THEIA 2. Two skirts in one. [Read more…]

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Wedding Style

Do you ever flip to the back of your favorite magazine to get a quick laugh at what your horoscope says about you on any particular day and then ponder how in the heck did they know you were contemplating making an irrational purchase sometime this week?–Yeah creepy.

Nonetheless, it’s entertainment and we all enjoy a good laugh that requires us to put things in perspective.

Now, according to Pop Sugar, you can read more than your horoscope you can search your zodiac sign to help you determine your signature wedding style.

Check out how your style aligns with the stars here.

Credit: Pop Sugar

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