Bridal Market: Jenny Lee- Fall 2015

Jenny returns with her signature fit: the feminine silhouette emphasized through beautifully structured, detailed craftsmanship and lavish fabrics imported from Europe’s most established foundries.









Photos by: Brenda Bressler

5 Dos and Don’t for Writing Wedding Thank You Notes

Image via Shine Wedding Invitations

In this day and age, many wedding traditions have fallen to the wayside in the face of cutting-edge trends. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the etiquette surrounding saying “thank you.” No matter how small or casual your wedding, a handwritten thank you note is still an expectation, and it’s the least you can do to show your guests your appreciation.

Here the essentials about what you need to know about wedding thank-yous:

1. 90-day rule. Despite popular belief, you don’t have a year to get your thank you notes written and mailed. Etiquette guru Emily Post advises that all of your thank-yous go out no more than three months after the wedding. The sooner, the better!

2. Make it personal. Ms. Post recommends writing thank-yous on stationery, but a pretty blank card works well, too. Every person who presents you with a gift should receive a thank you note, even if they contributed to a group gift. Be sure to mention what they specifically gave you to make it truly personalized. If they gave money, indicate how you intend to spend it.

3. Be consistent. No matter who the gift-giver is or the dollar amount associated with the gift, each person deserves the same genuine thank you. Don’t gauge the tone and length of your note by a gift’s perceived value.

4. Don’t forget the gift of time. It’s important to remember those who might not have given you a tangible gift, but who gave you the gift of their time and effort. Think of your bridal party, any hosts of showers or bachelor/bachelorette parties, family members who invited guests to stay with them, guests who volunteered to gather gifts or return tuxedos, or any other tasks people handled that made your day stress-free and perfect.

5. Recognize exceptional service. While sending thank you notes to your vendors isn’t necessary, taking the time to thank a vendor who provided service beyond your expectations is always valued and appreciated.

These are the most important things to know when it comes to sending out wedding thank-yous. Don’t forget to thank your parents, as well, and anyone who contributed to the wedding itself. Even if it takes you more than three months to get your thank you notes sent, keep at it. Everyone who made your wedding day special deserves to know how much you appreciate it!

Did you do anything fun or unique for your wedding thank-yous? Any “rules” you think deserve a mention? Let us know in the comments!

Bridal Market: Sarah Jassir – Fall 2015

Sarah Jassir’s collection is called “Goddess.” Including unexpected details, plunging necklines and striking fabric juxtapositions- Sarah hopes to create an experience for the bride that is truly transformative.

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