Getting the Best Fit for Your Wedding Gown


I went on yet another fitting with a bride this weekend. She too had lost a bunch of weight — twenty-five pounds… what an amazing feat! The seamstress pinned her (we needed to take the dress in about an inch and a half), but she stopped short of finalizing all of the alterations. The bride had purchased a bra to wear underneath the gown, but it just didn’t fit her properly.

I am used to bridal salons sewing cups directly into the gown for the best fit, but I learned this weekend that it doesn’t work for anyone larger than a “C” cup. The seamstress then told us that the proper undergarment can make the difference between looking very nice in a wedding gown, or spectacular.

She said that it is very important to go to someone who really knows how to measure for the proper fit. Most women do not have the correct size bra and that can make one’s figure look droopy.

Well my bride was off to the lingerie shop after our fitting. I will keep you posted on how that went.

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