Wedding Day Shoes: Deep Thoughts on Your Most Important Accessory


I love shoes! I have tons of them in my closet in just about every color. I have high heels, medium heels, flats, sneakers and sandals. I just can’t get enough. As you can imagine, I think shoes are critical on the wedding day, yet they seem to be an accessory that is often treated an after thought. Frankly, your wedding-day shoes should be planned prior to the purchase of your gown. Here are some things to consider whilst purchasing your shoes:

  • Where are you getting married? If you are walking in the grass, you do not want skinny high heels.
  • Are you comfortable walking in heels? Your wedding day is no time to experiment with stilettos. If you aren’t accustomed to walking and standing in high heels, you will be miserable all day. It isn’t worth it, especially since your shoes will most likely be covered by your gown.
  • Is your gown or dress simply designed? If so, you may want to wear some colorful, fun shoes to bring a bit of whimsy into to your wedding day.
  • Remember to purchase your shoes prior to your gown fittings. Your seamstress will need them to hem your gown.
  • Even if you are accustomed to wearing high heels, purchase a pair of flats to wear during the reception. You may want to change into something more comfortable so you can dance the night away.
  • If you have a second pair of shoes, make sure your seamstress knows. It may change the way she alters your gown. After all, you don’t want to be tripping on your gown all night.

Check out these fabulous wedding shoe photos. They make me want to run to the mall right now!

I found these on These shoes make a statement!

I love the color on these shoes I found at The heel is easy to wear too.

These flats from are simply gorgeous.

These sandals from are so much fun. Wear these and add some small feathers in your bouquet and you will be stunning.

Wearing these gold shoes will turn a simple gown into a stunning ensemble.

Foot jewelery is the perfect finishing touch for a beach wedding.

For information on other wedding gown accessories check out this article on

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