Wedding Flowers and Decor: Peacock Feathers

You have heard me talk and talk about the hot trend of peacock feathers and colors. Well my good friend Lana Pelham-Faulkner from Fairbanks Florist posted a peacock-themed wedding that she recently designed on her Facebook page. When I saw the photos, I knew I knew I had to share them with you. Enjoy!

Lana: The bride came with an open mind regarding her flowers, but she knew one thing that would be certain for her wedding, Peacock feathers would be used to accent everything! However, she liked the look of the feather without the fringe; she only wanted the amazing color and clean look of just the eye.

Lana: I took a design concept where I had layered individual eucalyptus leaves in rows to cover a surface, so I suggested a two sided fan covered with the peacock feather eyes. I would then use paphiopedilum orchids, fiddle fern and colored wire coming up out of the slit between the fans in an architectural row along the top creating a truly fun and funky look for her special day.

Lana: We implemented other types of orchids and flowers to pull the colors of lime green and dark blue for her Maid of Honor bouquet and throughout the remainder of the floral decor for her ceremony and reception.

Lana: I came up with the idea for a funky architectural cake top implementing the paphiopedilum orchids and fiddle ferns. She and I had a great collaboration and the end result was a one of a kind cake that really depicted the look and feel that the couple wanted to share with their guests on their wedding day.

Thank you to Val Becker for the beautiful images.

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  • Wow, these are beautiful!

    Atlanta Bridal Shop – Bel Fiore

  • Great post, I like your blog very much =]

  • This was such a fun wedding to work on! Let me know if you need any cake shots! Thanks for posting! 😀

  • Friend of the Bride

    I was a guest at this wedding and have to say that the floral was beautifully executed and the bride’s “peacock” theme truly made for a memorable, uniting element.

  • Mandy

    Hello. wow ! I love your designs. So wonderful. Wear can I get flowers like this from. My email address is from Mandy

  • Making your own flower arrangements is a lot cheaper than ordering them….you might want to consider that….they don’t have to be real to be beautiful.

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  • awhitake

    I am actually wanting to know how much some of these would cost… I am getting married soon and have the peacock theme!

    • Susan Southerland

      Hi awhitake. Thank you for your post. It is very hard to give you a quote on these items. Prices vary by florist, city and time of year. I suggest figuring out your overall budget and selecting photos of items that you like. Take both with you to visit some florists and see what types of price quotes you get.

      If you want more information on selecting a florist, you might want to check out one of my webinars. The schedule can be found here: The 2010 schedule will be up soon.

  • Marque

    what a the small blue flowers called? this is gorgeous!

  • Susan Southerland

    Those flowers are blue delphinium. I love them!

  • Wow that work is stunning, a little too much for me in terms of the feathers but everyones tastes are different aren’t they, something completely different.

  • T.W. Moore

    These are very lovely, but would like to sometimes see a price range for such items . I know it varies from place to place but it would help some persons know the realism of such looks. you are not only paying for unusual flowers but also remarkable talent

    • Susan Southerland

      Thank you for your comment. It would be so hard to give an accurate price range, because as you mentioned, pricing would vary from city to city. I suggest taking the photos to a florist near you for some ideas.

  • Argiewall

    Susan, what do you use for backing for the peacock eyelets in the bridal bouquet?

  • Susan Southerland

    Argiewal, thank you for your post. I spoke with Lana yesterday to get some insight into how she created that gorgeous bouquet. Here is what she said:

    “I created an armature out of thin reeds in the shape of a fan for the feathers.”

    Lana also advised me that The Peacock Feather Fan is something that she can make for someone and ship without the flowers. If you want flowers, she could use silk flowers for shipping or you could take it to your florist and fresh flowers can be added at any time.

    Lana would be happy to provide directions for your florist as to how to go about adding flowers to the fan.

    If you would like to speak with Lana, you can go to her website at, or email me at susan(dot)southerland(at)pwg(dot)com and I will give you her phone number.

  • maisha

    hi susan

    i am real amazed by your work specially the peacock themed wedding. it was amazingly beautiful….i wonder could u help me by telling me how did u create that cake top…. it would be really helpful…i wish u could help me in person but that would not be possible since i live in bangladesh. hoping to hear from u soon….and thank u in


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  • Tamina_azizi

    Where can I order this decoraton from?

  • Ditte Stanley Toustrup

    Oh my God! I found my dream theme!! It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!
    I hope that they can do it just as good in Denmark!
    I’m speechless 🙂 <3