Soft Furniture Adds a Sophisitcated Feel to Your Wedding Reception

Flowers are the first item that people think of when creating a design scheme for a wedding, but today’s wedding blog focuses on another aspect of decor… Furniture.

Most reception venues include round tables and chairs in their wedding packages, but many of my clients are choosing to rent other types of furniture to bring in a “supper club” feel.

Photos courtesy of Room Service in Orlando


Notice these photos include some great lighting too!

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  • This is a great blog post! Thanks for shining the light on the world of furniture! The second photo is actually of furniture from the Unique Option collection. Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future!
    -Jackie, Unique Option

    • Susan Southerland

      Hi Jackie. Thank you for your comments. That second photo is from a wedding that I did years ago. The furniture came in from one of the other vendors. I didn’t know it was from your collection. Thank you for pointing it out. If you have any cool photos to share, send them my way!

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