Wedding Trend 2010: Personalization Through the Groom’s Cake


I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the anticipation of Christmas. It is finally cold here in Orlando! I am pulling out every sweater I own so I can wear them before it warms up again.

As I mentioned on Tuesday’s wedding blog, I was asked to compile what I anticipate the hot wedding trends will be in 2010. One very hot trend continues to be personalization. Brides and grooms who post to the wedding blog are always asking me for ways to make their weddings reflect their personalities. One of my favorite ways is through the groom’s cake.

My friend and colleague Priscilla from Party Flavors Custom Cakes sent me over a few of her favorite designs.

I love the everything bagel with lox and onions!

The Gator beer cooler is hilarious!

When it comes to the groom’s cake, use your imagination. Anything is fair game… hobbies, careers, travel destinations, schools, just to name a few. One of my clients had a helicopter groom’s cake with a moving rotor blade!

I would love to share photos of your creative groom’s cakes on my wedding blog. If you have any you would like posted, please send me an email at susan(dot)southerland(at)pwg(dot)com.

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