Hey Susan, How many guests can I fit at a six foot long table?


Today’s wedding planning blog post was inspired by one of my clients. She is trying to decide how she wants to arrange guests at her tables. I am glad she decided to think about different table configurations. Whether you choose “royal banquet seating”, squares and rounds or even high and low, different table configurations can be an inexpensive (or free) way to change the look of your wedding reception.


The most common sizes of tables you will encounter are as follows:

  • Seventy-two-inch round: This can comfortably seat ten guests. I have occassionally seated twelve people at a 72 inch round, but only if you are serving a plated meal and you don’t have large floral arrangements and extensive table settings.
  • Sixty-inch round: This can comfortably seat eight guests. You can possibly seat ten guests, but the same rules as listed above apply.
  • Forty-eight-inch round high-boy or seated cocktail: Four people can fit around this type of table. Sometimes these tables are regular table height with chairs and other times they are tall for people to stand around (for a really hot look, find tall barstools to put around the high boys).
  • Six-foot long: I use these to make U-shaped tables and to create “royal banquet seating,” and squares. Three people can fit at each long side and one on each short end. If you want to make squares you can push together three six foot tables.
  • Eight-foot long: I use these the same way as the six-foot long tables. Four people can fit on each long side and one on each short side.

Check out Tuesday’s wedding blog to see some important things to consider before getting creative with your table sizes and shapes.

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