Wedding Fireworks: What a Blast!


Okay… bad joke. Somehow I couldn’t resist.

I have had several presentations lately where I have asked brides and grooms what their one over-the-top, fantasy item they want to include their wedding planning . The overwhelming response has been fireworks. So, today’s wedding blog post is dedicated to fireworks and their possible substitutions.

Photo by Damon Tucci

There is no doubt that fireworks are stunning and very dramatic, but they are very expensive and not every location will allow you to have them. There are two critical requirements for fireworks, you need enough space to launch them (this includes having the ashes fall to the ground) and you need to make sure that the weather hasn’t been so dry that there is a risk of brush fires.

In addition to the expense of the fireworks (which can be as high as $1500.00 a minute), you may also need to pay for fire marshalls to be on watch.

So what are some good alternatives?

Textured lighting and gobos add drama and light to a wedding ceremony or reception. Lighting packages can start at just a few hundred dollars and the effect lasts all evening rather than just a flash and gone.

Sparklers make for a fun exit. You will need to make sure that your wedding reception site doesn’t have rules against it. You may also want to consider how intoxicated you think that your guests will be. Sparklers are VERY hot and your guests can easily burn each other if they aren’t careful. You will also need buckets with water or sand to dispose of them.

Confetti cannons are a lot of fun too. Once again, you will have to make certain your ceremony and reception sites don’t have any rules against the use of confetti (it makes quite a mess).

If you have any ideas for good alternatives to fireworks, I want to share them here on my wedding blog. I will always give you credit! Just post for me here or email me at susan(dot)southerland(at) Also become a fan on Facebook by clicking here and follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

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