Hey Susan, How Do I Make Sure My Guests Dress Appropriately?


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Here’s a bonus wedding blog post for you today! I just received this email from Kirsten about making sure that her guests dress appropriately.

I recently read your article on how to word a wedding invitation so that guests know how to dress. I am in the middle of composing my wedding invitation wording and have hit a road bump in this area. Our wedding reception is on a Friday evening at a Country Club. As such, my fiance and I want our guests to come dressed appropriately. To say the least, the Country Club will not let guests in who are not in at a jacket and tie type attire. Although we don’t want to say Black Tie we want our guests to know we want them to dress-up. How can we say this without forcing them to wear black-tie?


Kirsten poses a very good question. I hear from many brides who are very concerned about how their guests are going to dress. Here are my suggestions:

On the reception card I would say formal reception following ceremony . . . or

Formal cocktails, dinner and dancing
Eight o’clock in the evening
ABC Country Club

I would also make sure to spread the word through family and friends. Let them know to discuss the fact that the club requires a jacket and tie and that it is their strict policy.

Kirsten, I hope that helps and be sure to let me know what wording you finally choose.

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