DIY Wedding Project: Guestbook-Scrapbook

Today my wedding blog is being taken over by our new DIY Wedding Test Lab. I hear from so many brides about all of the wonderful projects that they do for their weddings and I have seen my own clients do the most extraordinary things with favors and special touches. I, for one, am not a crafty person, so when my assistant, Erin, suggested trying a few DIY projects to discuss on the blog, I got nervous…

Well, we did the first one earlier this week (a Guestbook-Scrapbook) and so far, so good!

We wanted our first project to be something simple that would not overwhelm first-time crafters and could also be customized to your personal style, wedding colors, and budget. While it can be overwhelming to consider making an entire wedding scrapbook, a Guestbook-Scrapbook will allow you to try your hand at paper crafting on a smaller, less intimidating scale.

Below, a photo of our Guestbook-Scrapbook showing a peek at one of the inner pages (inset)


Tips for those who are new to paper crafting: First, make sure to use paper crafting supplies that are marked ‘acid free’ or ‘archival safe’. This will ensure that over time, the paper or ink will not deteriorate or fade. If you purchase your supplies from a craft store in the scrapbooking section, they are safe to use. Second, let the professional designers do the work for you! Paper crafting supplies are created by immensely talented artists, so look for papers and embellishments from the same ‘collection’. You can mix and match the items you need and they will all coordinate!

Project Supply List:

Scissors and/or paper trimmer
Photo mounting squares
Scrapbook album (preferably with removable pages & page protectors)
10 Pages decorative paper (preferably double-sided)
1 Pack solid, light colored card-stock
2 Scrapbooking pens
1-2 Decorative edged scissors (you can often find these for as little as $1)
Embellishments of your choice (ribbon, floral stickers, stick-on letters, photo corners, journaling stickers, etc)


Step One: Assembling the insert pages

-Remove blank page insert from your scrapbook to use as a template
-Line page insert up with the corner of your decorative paper and cut around the insert/template
-Put any leftover “scraps” of paper to the side, you will use them later
-Make enough pages to fill your album, inserting your trimmed decorative paper in place of the blank insert pages

Karen and I (both novice crafters) demonstrate using a blank insert as a template below


Step Two: Making a cover page

-Use your decorative edge scissors, floral stickers, ribbon, and paper scraps to decorate the first page of your album
-Add an engagement photo or wedding picture using photo corners (shown below) or photo mounts
-Use your stick-on letters to add your names and wedding date

Below, Karen adds the name of the bride and groom with shimmery stick-on letters


I added the glittery photo corners myself!


Step Three: Making the journaling tags

-Trim any leftover scraps into neat rectangles big enough for people to sign, it’s okay if they’re different sizes
-Trim a piece of blank cardstock slightly smaller than each decorative paper rectangle
-Center the solid cardstock over the decorative paper and adhere using the photo mounts (little squares of double stick tape)
-Use your decorative edges scissors to cut borders around the journaling tags

Karen and I cutting and pasting some very cute journaling tags (inset)


Step Four: Collecting the entries

-Simply place your journaling tags in a decorative bowl, with some scrapbooking pens (if you do not have a guestbook attendant to assist guests, simply type a note of instruction and insert it into a small photo frame, as shown)
-You can collect signatures from bridal showers, the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, and even the reception (give your guests plenty of opportunities to leave you well wishes and words of wisdom)


Step Five: Assembling your Guestbook-Scrapbook

-After your event, simply take all of the signed journaling tags and adhere them decoratively to each page in your scrapbook
-As you affix them to the pages using photo mounting squares, feel free to add ribbon or sticker embellishments
-You can also add photos or other mementos (bridal shower invitation, ceremony program, dinner menu, etc) of your special day if you are not planning to make a full wedding scrapbook
-Once you have added all of your signed journaling tags, photos, and embellishments, simply slip the pages into to page protectors inside the album (for the photos below, I removed the pages from the page protectors to reduce the glare)

And now, the finished product:

Our decorative cover page, including a photo, the wedding date, and the name of the happy couple!


A look at the pages with the journaling tags (just add signatures)!


This DIY project turned out to be a lot of fun; in fact, I would recommend working on it with a group of friends (perhaps your bridal party)!

If you want to see behind the scenes, I will be posting video on my Facebook Fan page. I hope you have been inspired by our Guestbook-Scrapbook; don’t be afraid to give it a try (if I can do it, you can do it). Don’t forget to give us your feedback! Do you have any paper crafting tips or DIY projects to suggest? We will be trying out some more projects in the near future, so stay tuned!

If you have questions on this or any other wedding planning“>wedding planning related topic, please post for me here on the wedding blog or send me an email to susan(dot)southerland(at) Also become a fan on Facebook by clicking here and follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

Your partner in perfect planning,

  • Brooksie

    Thank you so much for posting this! What a wonderful way to be different! That’s what my fiance and I want for our wedding so we are doing most of the stuff ourselves.
    Thank you again!

  • I love this post! I think that everyone who gets married should do a wedding scrap book. My fiance and I are just starting ours! Thanks for all your tips!

  • Great ideas here. Everybody needs a scrapbook for their wedding.

  • Jo

    Hello, I am wondering how this scrapbook. I want to create one for my wedding, however I am a bit confused about doing this. I scrapbook all the time but how do you put it in the book and have guest sign it because there is the protective cover. Any clarification would be great,