Hey Susan, I’m Having a Buffet; How Do I Decorate My Tables?

Today’s wedding blog features a question sent to me by Mississippi bride, Krista.

If you are having a buffet style reception how do you decorate your tables?
I have always seen lovely centerpieces and rather elaborate collections of china and silverware. What do you do if there is no need to have plates at the table, doesn’t that leave a big hole or make a place setting look incomplete?

Krista, there are many ways you can decorate your tables without plates. Sometimes we do something creative with the napkins, sometimes we use chargers. I hope the images below give you some inspiration.


Photo by Karla Fountain

Photo by A Magic Moment Photography

Photo by Photo by Jamie

If you’ve done something creative with your tables for wedding planning, I would love to share photos here on the wedding blog. Just post for me here or email me at susan(dot)southerland(at)pwg.com. Also become a fan on Facebook by clicking here and follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

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  • Elizabeth

    I had a buffet style meal myself. I still had beautiful centerpieces with candles and a mirror. To bridge the gaps, you could try sprinkling flower petals, such as roses sporatically around the table. Make sure you use artificial if you are having outdoor (bugs!) or a summer wedding (wilting!). Or you could use anything else you might sprinkle around the table. You don’t want to have too much though, then it will just look cluttered. Hope this helps, and congrats on the up coming wedding!!

    • Susan Southerland

      Elizabeth, thank you so much for your wonderful suggestions. How did
      you decorate your guest tables? Do you have any photos you would like
      to share?

  • Definitely you have a talent!Everything is thought over.