5 Easy DIY Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day


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By Wedding Blog Bridal Blogger, Margaret McDermott

If you are a budget bride like I was and a hiring a makeup artist just isn’t feasible, don’t stress! Having a beautiful makeup look on your wedding day is totally doable! With some early preparation and a lot of practice, you can look amazing on your big day! Here are 5 easy DIY tips for getting gorgeous for your wedding.

1. Stick to a natural look:
The goal of a bride when it comes to makeup is to be the best version of herself. A nice soft lip, a little color on your cheeks, and a classic smoky eye is a great look! Need help getting that blush just right? Consult your neighborhood makeup ladies at your favorite department stores. Not confident enough to do this classic eye look? Get yourself a smoky eye palette where the colors are already matched for you and you have step by step instructions to guide you along the way! Cosmetics brands such as Sephora Collection, Two Faced, and Stila have great smoky eye kits.

Smoky Eyes by Sephora Collection | $38,sephora.com

Two Faced Smoky Eye Palette | $34, sephora.com

Stila Smoky Eye Palette (original) | $40, stilacosmetics.com
(And check out this audio tutorial how to apply the Smoky Eye look with your Stila kit!)

2. Shop your beauty bag first.
Before you head out to your favorite makeup counter, take stock of some of the products you have at home. Love your foundation? Have a favorite lipstick? Go on and use them for your wedding! You already know how your products perform as well as how they’ll look on you!

3. Buy and Try New Makeup Products Early
If you still need to head out to the store to pick up some cosmetics, give yourself plenty of time to do so before the big day. If you aren’t satisfied with the color eyeshadow or lipstick you bought, you have time to get a new one. Once you have your beauty goodies, you should test them out and make sure you don’t have any adverse affects to them (like a breakout!)

4. Practice Makes Perfect
Allow yourself plenty of time to practice putting on that gorgeous wedding face! Practicing a few weeks (or even a few months) before the wedding gives you time for some fun trial and error! As part of your practice, have a friend take pictures of you in your makeup in different types of lighting so you can see how your look holds up to the flash of a camera!

Extra Beauty Tips
• A good eye and face primer can help control shine and make sure your makeup stays put.
• When choosing a foundation color – if you rub in the foundation and you can’t see the color on your skin, you’ve got the right color!
• Black mascara can make any eyes pop!
• Filling in your lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick gives your lip color staying power!

Got a few DIY tips to share? Write us a comment below! For more expert beauty and DIY tips for wedding planning, be sure to check back with me here on the Wedding Blog!

img004591.jpgMargaret “MJ” McDermott is a beauty and fashion blogger for Fierce as well as a member of the Yahoo! Shine Beauty guru panel. She is happily married and has a weakness for hair products and fashion accessories.

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