Wedding Ideas: Non-Traditional Ring Bearer Pillows


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By Wedding Blog Contributor, Lana Leazer

Tradition definitely has its place, but now, clever, innovative and fun wedding ideas“>wedding ideas are the becoming the norm. From location, attire, themes and party favors, we are full of exciting and edgy ideas that makes our celebrations stand out. Today on the wedding blog, we turned to Mary Dann Wedding and Party Coordinators who are frequently seen on “Whose Wedding is it Anyway”and “Platinum Weddings. Mary Dann gave us the scoop on fresh trends in non-traditional ring bearer pillows. From adorning a tri cylcle to a flower bed, anything is possible.

Recently, Mary launched her on line of Wedding Wands which can be used for a variety of things for the special occasion. She has used them as a ring bearer by having the rings attached to the wands.

“We have all different colors to match anyone’s color scheme because they work perfectly to add color and fun to any event.”

On following Mary’s recommendations and out of the box thoughts, we searched the Interwebs for some thrilling creative concepts on non-traditional ring bearer pillows. Check out our finds below!

Hay Stack Ring Bearer Pillow by Braging Bags, $24.99|

“Love Nest” Ring Bearer Pillow w/ Robin Eggs & Moss by Wee Gardens, $36|

Lovebird Bowl Duo by PrinceDesignUK, $39 (USD) |

Birch Bark and Moss Ring Bearer Box by NHWoodcreations, $27|

Do you have any ideas on non-traditional ring bearer pillows that you would like to share with us here at the wedding blog? Leave a comment for us below!

Lana Leazer is a writer, PR maven and contributor to the wedding blog. When she’s not researching the latest in wedding ideas, you can find her penning pieces for sites such as, and

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