DIY Wedding Projects: Memorial Candle and Photo Display


By Perfect Wedding Guide ‘National Wedding Expert’, Susan Southerland

As our regular wedding blog readers know, I’m not the craftiest of crafters. Even the thought of hot glue makes me break out in a cold sweat. That’s why I like to bring you DIY Wedding Projects that anyone can do… even me! I have seen a lot of thoughtful and touching ways that real brides recognize loved ones who have passed away. One way is to create a special memorial display for the ceremony site or reception, using photos, candles, or a small flower arrangement dedicated in their honor. Please see below for some instructions on how you can create your own Memorial Candle and Photo Display.

The first step is to gather the materials for this project, which are: a photo frame and photo of your loved one (can be more than one if you’re honoring more than one person), a smaller frame in which to place the dedication, a decorative candle stand, a glass cylinder that fits on the candle stand, a floating candle, items to place in the base of the glass cylinder (in this case we used river rocks, you can also use shells, cranberries, live flowers, etc), enough water to fill the cylinder, and don’t forget matches or a lighter. These items can all be purchased at a craft store, or you can incorporate sentimental items that you already own (such as the frame or candle stand).

The assembly is simple– you just place the rocks into the base of the cylinder, fill with water (about two inches from the top), place the floating candle in, and put it on top of the decorative stand.

For the dedication, all you have to do is hand write or type up the phrase of your choice (In Loving Memory, In Remembrance Of, etc) and place it in the smaller frame. Don’t be afraid to get creative and personal– you can incorporate a favorite quote or passage of scripture in the frame as well.

If you have this display set up at your ceremony, a nice touch would be to have the surviving spouse or closest loved one light the candle as part of the processional. I hope this idea gives you some inspiration on how to recognize the treasured memory of someone who, although they may not be present physically, is always in your heart!

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