Plan ahead for a destination wedding and you’ll be thankful

Plan carefully for a destination wedding.

Plan carefully for a destination wedding.

Ladies who are currently scouting destination wedding venues are likely envisioning a fairytale affair. While coordinating such a marital shindig is possible, the Toronto Sun advises brides-to-be to plan as carefully as possible.

First, couples should make sure they contact their embassy or consulate located in their hotspot of choice. This way, brides and grooms will understand the rules and regulations associated with each country and will be able to get through all the red tape much easier.

In addition, ladies should take note of any special documents required of them. Many countries ask for an official notice that states there are no restrictions for them getting married at home.

In the end, lovebirds who went the extra mile to plan an affair out-of-town seem to be thrilled with the results.

"Some of our family wasn't able to make it because of the location, but in the end, the wedding was a dream come true," Chris Maki, a Canadian who got hitched in Athens, Greece, told the news outlet.

Women hesitant to indulge in this type of wedding planning may also want to consider hiring a professional. Sometimes the experts know how to make things work without going insane!

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