Wedding Decorations: Chuppahs, Canopies and Mandaaps


By Perfect Wedding Guide ‘National Wedding Expert’, Susan Southerland

(Mandaap by Suhaag Garden, Inc. and photo by

Wedding decorations are a great way to incorporate your personality and style into your wedding. Lately I have been helping many my clients create stunning ceremony decorations for their wedding day. Canopies, in particular, can have a HUGE wow factor.

In the Jewish religion, brides and grooms are married under a Chuppah. The Chuppah represents the home that the bride and groom will build together. It is designed after Abraham and Sarah’s tent, as described in the Torah. It is open on all sides, which is a sign of welcoming to all people. Below is a stunning example of a Chuppah. Designer: Ian Prosser (, Photographer: Garrett Nudd (, Wedding Planner: Lisa Stoner (

Here’s another Chuppah idea.

Photo by:

And one more.

Photo by: Tabitha McCausland (

A Mandaap is for a Hindu wedding. The Mandaap is not only beautiful, but it has great religious significance. The first that I heard of was that the four posts symbolize the bride and groom’s parents. The second is that it is a reminder of the four stages of life: Dharma (birth to age 25) This is the time when one studies and acquires the skill to earn a living. Arth (Ages 25-49) The time when one has a steady job and is of marrying, child bearing and child rearing age. Kaam (Ages 50-74) This is the time when the children are raised and it is time to care for one’s elders and the time to get one’s children married. Finally, Moksh (Ages 75-100) This is the time when one prepares to move to the next life. Below are some gorgeous examples of Mandaaps. All were created by Suhaag Garden, Inc. Photos are by, and

Even though the above canopies have religious significance, you can certainly use their designs for your wedding. If you want to go with something a bit more simple, take a peek at the beautiful photos Ginger Midgett ( provided below.

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