Wedding Trends: Wedding Cake Alternatives

The Wedding Cake, one of the most revered wedding traditions by all accounts, has been undergoing a facelift of sorts…or rather a replacement.

Photo credit | JPC Event Group of Pittsburgh

Today’s bride has been forging her own path when it comes to foregoing the traditional frosted convection of wedding cake, and substituting it with a host of delectable replacements. From pie displays to whoopee pies, donuts with scrumptious dipping sauces to bananas foster flamed tableside, the members of the International Caterers Association have been creating a delectable array of sweets for their bridal client’s delight.

Cake Pops by Santa Barbara Catering of Phoenix

Churros, Donuts and Beignets with dipping sauces by Santa Barbara Catering of Phoenix

Panna Cotta by Feastivities Catering of Philadelphia

Rustic Pie display by The JDK Group of Harrisburg

Mini Gelato cones by The JDK Group of Harrisburg

Brownie Jewel Box by Different Tastes, Inc. of Boston

Zabaglione and Fresh Berries in Mini Zombies by Culinary Crafts of Utah

A Study of Chocolate by Culinary Capers Catering of Vancouver

Don’t be afraid to step away from the path most taken and shake things up a bit at your wedding reception. A reflection of your personal taste and uniqueness, a customized dessert is the perfect sweet memory for you and your guests.

––Jody Wimer is the founder and creative force behind JPC Event Group, an East Coast full-service catering and design company creating spectacular weddings for nearly 15 years. She currently writes and contributes to many industry magazines, blogs and publications, and currently sits on the Board of the International Caterers Association (ICA).

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