Wedding Planning: A rustic barn ceremony

How to plan a rustic barn wedding

How to plan a rustic barn wedding

One wedding venue that has been growing in popularity is a rustic barn. This is perfect for the fall when the leaves have changed color and the browns, reds and yellows fill the room. Learning how to plan a wedding is never easy to take on, but this wedding venue can be perfect for the country couple who loves nature and a rustic theme.

The decor for these weddings is quite simple – stick with wood and candles for the desired effect. Another fantastic color scheme besides reds, yellows and browns for a barn wedding is simple using white with silver accents. This adds an elegant element to the ceremony and reception.

According to ProjectWedding, barn nuptials can also be the perfect way to save some money for those who are planning a wedding on a budget. One bride and groom decided to make their own wedding decorations such as paper lanterns and they also chose a non-traditional caterer, which they found after an extensive Google search. Other ways to cut costs includes only paying for beer and wine rather than a complete open bar and having a small guest list. 

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