Stylized Willy Wonka Engagement Shoot by Siegel Thurston Photography


Talk about a world of pure imagination! This Willy Wonka-esque stylized engagement shoot submitted from the uber-talented team at Siegel Thurston Photography has us craving gobbstoppers, lollipops, chocolate drops and everything else you’d find in an old-fashion candy store.

As told by Brett Siegel:
This inspiration shoot was a labor of LOVE! What childhood movie comes to mind when we say candy and chocolate? Yep, you guessed it, Willy Wonka; take a trip down memory lane and imagine you were there in the very factory enjoying all the goodness. We decided to take it to the next step and make your dreams a reality. We worked at making this very literal and highlighting every detail from the everlasting gobstopper to the heavy lifting room. There were so many amazing details; we hope you enjoy our take on Willy Wonka!!!

Nice, right? Give us your thoughts on this creative engagement shoot by leaving a comment for us here at the wedding blog!

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