Engagement ring trends of 2013

Engagement ring trends of 2013

Engagement ring trends of 2013

Just as summer is considered wedding season, the holidays are a time when a surge of people pop the question and start wedding planning. However, before you go out and get that beautiful bauble, you may want to check out the latest engagement rings trends. Even though these sparklers will likely not be criticized later on for being out of style, that doesn't necessarily mean engagement ring trends don't come and go.  Here are a few of the latest engagement ring trends.

Princess-cut diamonds
This square-ish cut has been popular for some time, and it is not slowing down. It continues to be the diamond shape of choice for a number of couples, especially because of its price. This cut was designed to take rough diamonds and conserve the carat weight of them with minimal shaping. Because of this, you can get more bang for your buck.

Halo and double halo settings
Halo engagement rings were extremely popular last year. Essentially, these rings have a circle of smaller diamonds surrounding the main, centered diamond. This gives the ring a little extra bling, even when the diamond is not too big, and it also represents an unbroken circle, which can symbolize unity to the couple. Also popular this year are double halo settings, which give two tiers of diamonds surrounding the sparkler.

Emerald, pear and oval cuts
Princess cuts are easily being mixed in with a variety of other diamond cuts that are popping up more often than ever before. Emerald cuts and cushion cuts with a halo design have been growing in popularity, and they usually feature an elegant band. Oval cuts bring out a more modern overall look than the typical circle stone, and look beautiful in a variety of settings including the trendy east-west setting in which the oval rests horizontally. Pear cuts are also popular, as they are both feminine and have an air of a vintage-themed bauble.

Rings with intricate bands
Bands and side views have become even more elaborate and intricate in their designs. Whether pave diamonds, filigree engraving or a bezel set, these bands and settings will certainly catch the eye of many. Twists and turns make for dazzling rings that have movement and dimension. The way in which the metal is carved is one of the main focal points of the ring, and this is especially popular for diamonds on the smaller side.

Vintage-style engagement rings
It seems as though vintage-inspired rings will never go out of style, as these baubles have been considered populars for years. These come in all sorts of cuts and intricate designs while also seeming like they have been around for ages. Often times there are floral or leaf designs on the rings. The main diamond of the ring will also be accompanied with a couple smaller diamonds on its side in some cases.

Bring on the color
The idea that diamonds can be the only stone in an engagement ring has quickly become a thing of the past. The previous decade was complete with a white gold or platinum band with a white diamond, but now pinks, yellows, greens, blues and chocolates are making their way to engagement rings. Various stones are coupled with diamonds in many cases such as rubies, blue sapphires, and canary yellow diamonds. Cognac and champagne diamonds are becoming the highlight of engagement rings, giving ladies a pop of color on their baubles. 

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