Mardi Gras Wedding Ideas: Mardi Gras Themes


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Speaking of Mardi Gras…do we have some wedding ideas for you! With the color combinations of purples, greens, and golds, a Mardi Gras themed wedding can be tricky, but do-able.

When you think of a Mardi Gras wedding or even a New Orleans wedding three things come to mind, sparkle, color, and a party!

For bridesmaids dresses, chiffon purple dresses are amongst the most popular. However, some weddings spice things up by having head-to-toe sparkle dresses.

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Tec Petaja

Peacock flowers are very common among this themed wedding, mostly because it has all of the colors that would go into a Mardi Gras wedding. They are very versatile from a simple boutonniere to a place setting at the reception.

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Joie du Jour Photography

Are you thinking about a Mardi Gras themed wedding? Leave a comment for us here at the wedding blog.

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