Show off your diamond with the right nail polish


Show off your diamond with the right nail polish

Show off your diamond with the right nail polish

There are a few aspects of getting engaged that stand above the rest. For starters, you get to marry the man of your dreams, not to mention all the fun you'll have planning a wedding and putting your creative wedding ideas in motion. However, for some ladies, the best part of saying "yes" to marriage is showing off their gorgeous baubles. Though the bling on your ring finger may be big enough to garner plenty of attention on its own, wouldn't it be nice to rock a nail polish shade that helps your sparkler stand out even more? Here are a few shades that will enhance the dazzle of your stunning new accessory:

Pretty in pink
If you like all things girlie and your guy, knowing you as well as he does, decided to splurge for a pink diamond, then you'll definitely want to help it stand out. Manicurist to the stars, April Foreman, recently told E! Online the best nail polish shade to don with a pink ring is a buttery yellow hue.

"It's subtle, a bit warm and has an amazing sheen that will complement a blush-based sparkler," Foreman told the publication.

Pink rings are not only show stopping, they're popular among the stars too. Us Weekly reports Jennifer Lopez turned heads with a 6.1-carat pink bauble during her engagement to Ben Affleck in 2002. Despite its beauty, Lopez reportedly returned the rock after she and Affleck called their wedding off two years later.

Rose gold glamour
Rose gold has been a staple in fashion for awhile now, making a chic diamond ring with a rose gold band totally acceptable. If you've gone a bit more nontraditional, like fashionista Blake Lively, the best nail polish to accentuate it is Careless Whisper by Deborah Lippmann.

Foreman shared with E! that this light pink hue with shimmering gold undertones will help draw positive attention to the ring.

"It has a shimmer that enhances the diamond but also has a rosy warmth just like the band," the manicurist told the news source.

This way, even if you don't have the enormous bauble that Ryan Reynolds gave to Lively, you'll still feel like a star.

Classy like Kate
The world stopped in November of 2010 when Prince William announced he had proposed to now-wife Kate Middleton. Though their love was on display, it was Middleton's gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring, originally worn by William's late mother, Princess Diana, that garnered the most attention.

If your guy splurged for a similar style, you'll want to accentuate the shades with a more neutral manicure.

"Keep the look classic with a beige, flesh tone polish that matches your skin tone," Foreman recommended to E!

This way the bold blue hue will truly shine.

Yellow yellow kiss a fellow
Yellow engagement rings have been growing in popularity thanks in part to a slew of A-list stars who have showed off their love with baubles of this color. Fox News reports stars like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adele, Rebecca Romijn and Heidi Klum have all donned yellow diamonds, even if some of their marriages haven't stuck.

Though some are blingier than others, the bond that ties all of these gorgeous ladies together is their yellow center stones.

If you've been presented with a stunning stand out piece like these women, the best way to give it more life is to be modest with your nail color – a light girlie pink is optimal.

"Keep the look light and pretty with a polish that won't compete with ring," Foreman shared with the publication. "Rather than pink or beige, try a sheer wash of 'non color.' It's a barely-there hue that enhances the look of the natural nail."

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