Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue


Finding the perfect reception venue is one of the hardest components of planning your wedding- so here is a GREAT place to start! We have compiled a list of questions to take with you when you are searching for your ideal event space.

Is my ideal wedding date available?

 Are there any special restrictions? (Restriction to access of rooms, music level or timeline, smoking, decorations, or flames) If having anything unique discuss this with the venue during this time. (Example: bringing your family pitbull Buster on site.)

What amenities does the reception venue offer? (Changing rooms, bathrooms, dance floor, lighting, entertainment equipment, wheelchair access, picturesque areas, on-site stocked bar, kitchen facilities, and coat rooms.)

How many people will comfortably fit in each room?

 Does the wedding venue hold multiple events at a time? (Think how this may effect staffing and space for your event.)

Is there an on-site event coordinator that would be helping day of?


Here is a list of additional questions to think about asking them specifically if these will apply to your day.

  • How many sizes of tables are available?
  • What are the shapes of tables?
  • Best layout for the tables?
  • Columns or pillars that will affect guests views?
  • Where do you typically put the head table?
  • What colors of linens do you have to choose from?
  • What are the styles for place settings and service?
  • Can décor be brought in?
  • Are candles allowed?
  • Is special lighting available?
  • Best location for the bar?
  • Best location for buffet or dessert table?
  • Best place for the cake table?
  • Do you have a dance floor? Where is the best location?
  • Can any décor be removed from the venue?
  • Fountains/Fireplaces active?
  • Renovations or changes scheduled before my date?
  • Can shared spaces be decorated?
These images were taken at the Semple Mansion by Coppersmith Photography

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