Would You Trust a Friend to Plan Your Wedding?


Folks, let’s be honest here. A wedding is single-handedly the most important (and possibly most expensive) events you’ll ever have to plan. So would you entrust your big-day planning and/or all its services to a friend?

With anything in life, there are pros and cons for each side.

1. Your friends knows you, so she knows what you like.
2. You can be honest with your bestie and veto suggestions without batting an eye or worrying that you come across as a Bridezilla.
3. She’s your friend, so you’re most likely receiving her services for little to nothing.

1. If you are, in fact, a bridezilla, the planning process could possibly put a strain on your relationship.
2. If the end result isn’t what you expected who should be to blame?
3. You’re asking your friend to work during your wedding vs. enjoying it like the rest of your guests.

If this is a tough question for you to answer, the ladies from Every Last Detail blog offer 5 reasons to hire a professional (not a friend) for your wedding.

5 reasons

Read on here.


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