4 Tips on How to Enjoy a Staycation When a Honeymoon is Not an Option



When my husband and I got married we were in our mid 20’s, broke and hopelessly in love. We nearly paid for our wedding on entry level salaries and had dreams and visions of Hawaii far before Pinterest was a thing. Once we spent our last coins on making our dream wedding come to life, we realized we just didn’t have the money to travel 4,407 miles and although I was a little sad, I decided to re-discover Georgia in a way I had never seen it before–with the ultimate staycation!


Actually staycations are becoming the norm, maybe not among newly married couples, but hey with more millennials adding marriage to their list–it could be. . Sure you want to send lust worthy pictures to your Instagram and Pinterest showing off pink sand beaches and tropical drinks with colorful paper umbrella picks but if you do it right, you’ll be the cool kids who discovered the most amazing eateries and tucked away boutiques right in your own backyard. Here’s how to enjoy the ultimate staycation.

1. Be Open
So you don’t live in the most romantic place on earth–be patient. There just may be that one spot that is so tucked away you or none of your instagram hoarding friends have heard of it. Be open to take an adventure that’s completely out of the norm–this makes for the best memories.

2. Go Somewhere You Have Never Been
Some of the places you explore while planning your staycation are going to sound foreign, that’s exactly what you want. Don’t go to an area of town you frequent most on the weekends–that’s boring. Go to the outskirts of your state–heck travel a couple hours away and make it a small road trip. Just go somewhere you’ve never been let alone heard of.

3. Ditch the Hotel
Hotels can be a little vanilla–unless you’re staying at the Animal Kingdom in Disney then I’d say they’re awesome, but you get where I’m going. Check out sites like Airbnb and find the most insane pad for rent and call that home for a week. Can a local be a local?

4. Share Your Finds
Although your new to this, remember you researched and pinned all this amazing stuff–share it. You never know if their is another couple who will need to bum off your list of things to do while having a honeymoon staycation in–Idaho! They’ll thank you for it and you’ll instantly be the oooh and ahhh of the week for all your radical pictures.

Would you take a Honeymoon Staycation? Leave a comment for us below!

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