7 Creative First Look Ideas


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There are many reasons to have a first look before your wedding ceremony. It’s a time when you and your future spouse can share a private moment where you see each other on your wedding day for the first time. This will allow you to be freer with your reactions and enjoy some quiet time before everything gets crazy. It also makes for great photos!

Here are seven of our favorite creative first look ideas:

1. Blindfolds. Have the photographer place blindfolds on one or both of you and stage you in a pre-selected setting. Then wait for the photographer to count down before you lift the blindfold(s) while the photographer captures the moment. For an added touch, have the photographer take shots of your wedding party setting the two of you in place and then departing before your big reveal.

2. Stairs. There is something so sweeping and romantic about stairs, especially grand curving staircases. Set up with one of you at the bottom of the stairs while the other approaches from the top. Have the photographer capture your expressions during the first look descent.

3. Bridges. Another romantic setting for first look photos is on a bridge…in particular, smaller, rustic bridges. One of you can stand in the middle of the bridge with your back turned as the other crosses the bridge. Once you’re both in the middle, you face each other for the first look.

4. Balloons. We recently saw a photoshoot where each member of the couple carried a large bouquet of balloons, obscuring their vision as well as masking them from view. The photographer staged them and then gave them the countdown to release the balloons. Talk about some incredible first sighting images!

5. Around the corner. One of the easiest ways for a photographer to capture both members of the wedding couple at the same time is to have them each stand around the corner of a wall. Find an ideal corner at your venue, whether it’s an ivy-covered brick wall, a stuccoed wall with beautiful stained-glass windows, or the weathered side of a barn. Your photographer can capture the moment where you both walk around the corner to see each other for the first time.

6. Double doors. If you’re fortunate enough to be getting married somewhere that has a couple of impressive double doors, have the photographer open the doors and stage you and your future spouse behind each open door. Then you can close the doors at the same time for the first look, creating a naturally beautiful backdrop for the pictures.

7. Rotundas (or gazebos). Since your first look is a romantic, intimate moment, we think having it in a setting that reflects those sentiments is the way to go. Private rotundas or gazebos are wonderful options!

Did you have a first look at your wedding? How was it staged? Share your ideas here!

Photo Credits: Vue Photography // Katy Weaver Photography

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