5 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding



About a quarter of couples choose to tie the knot away from home and the trend is only growing. Although planning a wedding from afar may seem like a headache, we’re here to tell you that may not always be the case!

By Megan Velez, Destination Weddings

There are plenty of reasons to tie the knot with a destination wedding, so consider a few of these pros:

Stunning wedding photos

Scrolling through Instagram, you’re sure to see a fair share of weddings at churches, country clubs, restaurants, and other recognizable places. While all beautiful venues, there’s nothing like having your wedding pictures taken in a unique locale. Somewhere that sparks conversation above and beyond “hey I’ve been to a million weddings there!”

Cut down on family drama
Your mom wants to invite your great-aunt twice removed and your in-laws are insisting that you invite a step-cousin’s wife’s sister. Before you reach for that second glass of wine, take a second and consider the ease of planning a destination wedding and the smaller guest list that comes with it.

Quit worrying about bridesmaid dresses
At some point in the planning process, every bride wakes up in a cold sweat from a nightmare about bridesmaid dresses. Will everyone like them? Does the color match the napkins? Will they truly get to wear them again? Destination weddings typically mean a smaller wedding party, which means fewer decisions (or nightmares!) for you in the fashion department.

Don’t stress on your honeymoon

You’re already there! Quite literally, your honeymoon will start the second you step away from your reception. Spend your wedding night walking on the beach or taking in some nightlife – there’s no need to stress about transportation back to the hotel and preparing for your impending honeymoon trip. If you’d like to enjoy a different experience on your honeymoon, you can even change resorts without incurring additional airfare costs. Let’s also not forget that many wedding destinations have great deals on wedding and honeymoon packages!

You’ll always have…
Whether tying the knot in Italy, Hawaii, or Mexico, you will always have a special place to retreat to for anniversaries, vow renewals, or just a romantic vacation together. Driving past your wedding venue on the way to work can take away from the magic, so it’s wonderful to have a place of memories for just the two of you to get away. Oftentimes, couples can even earn unique credits and nights for an anniversary getaway for booking a destination wedding.

A destination wedding may not be for every couple, but there are a lot of pros to consider when making the decision. For those who do decide to run away, you won’t regret it!

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Megan Velez is the Vice President of Product at Destination Weddings, the world’s leading destination wedding and romantic travel planning company. Destination Weddings has worked with over 20,000 couples and half a million guests to plan dream destination weddings. For more information, visit Destination Weddings.

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