Making the Most of Natural Props Available for Wedding Photos


natural props, wedding photosThese days, many couples are going over the top with elaborate photo booths (either hired or DIY), and it does make a nice touch at your wedding. But if you’re on a tight budget, a photo booth with all of the accessories just might not be in the cards. Fret not! There are plenty of great natural props—as in, usually available at most venues—if you know what to look for. Buy a single large frame for five dollars and have guests stand at one of these locations for their photo:

    Trees. Look for trees with low-hanging limbs. They can often provide a great place for guests to sit and pose, or a sort of natural frame.
    Bridges. If your wedding is taking place somewhere near a small bridge, have guests cross it and pose in the middle. This is perfect for group shots or individual candids.
    Windows. You’d be surprised how wonderful windows can look in photos, especially if they’re stained glass. Some have low sills where your guests can sit, and others just create an interesting architectural element as a backdrop (or with guests posed on the opposite side). Consult with your photographer on the lighting as you choose the best window for the job.
    Water. Many venues have a pond, a lake, a waterfall, or a fountain that would be a lovely backdrop. If you’re having a beach wedding, you’re all set!
    Light fixtures. If your venue has beautiful or unique light fixtures (think lanterns, old-fashioned light posts, crystal chandeliers, etc.), do what you can to incorporate those in your posed photos. You can rely on your photographer’s advice for the best lighting.
    Flowers. Are you having your wedding in or near a garden? You’ll likely have many different floral focal points that will look great in photographs. As long as it’s allowed, ask your guests to venture to different areas and take photos so you have a nice variety.
    Rocks. Believe it or not, large groupings of rocks can make a marvelous photo platform. Look for groupings with a variety of sizes and textures, which will encourage your guests to vary their poses.
    Artwork. Your venue may have visually interesting artwork on their walls. If you’re allowed to photograph the artwork, consider having your guests pose in front of or around it.
    Stairs. One of our favorite props is stairs. They’re perfect for just you and your spouse or everyone in your group, and they allow the photographer to capture you from above or beneath. If your venue has stairs, make good use of them!

What other natural props can you think of for couples to use in their wedding photos? Share your ideas in the comments!

Photo Credit: Every Last Detail

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