13 Christmas Traditions It’s Not Too Late To Start


Who doesn’t love a good tradition? Especially when it involves Christmas? Throughout the year you get so caught up in the things you have to do and forget about the things you want to do. The Christmas season is all about giving and making memories with those that you love! Don’t have many traditions or looking to add another to the books? It’s never too late! In fact, as soon as I get home today my mom, sister, nieces, and I are going to take a Christmas photo in hopes we can still send the out a card in time for Christmas (I know it’s late, but better late than never).

I have put 13 traditions together for you! You will want to have a camera close by for some of these:

13 Christmas Traditions It's Not Too LateTo Start

1. Christmas Card. This is a great tradition to start as Newlyweds. Not only are you sending out Christmas cheer, but you can keep your Christmas card every year and watch your family grow with each child and watch you and your significant other grow old together. After all the years when your kids are moved out, what a great way to reminisce!

2. O’ Christmas Tree. A friend of mine who is recently engaged got her first real tree this year with her fiancé. She said she has loved having a real Christmas tree because she loves the way it makes her home smell and they are just so beautiful. This year once Christmas is over, she plans to create the perfect ornament by cutting the base off the tree and reserving it and making it a ornament next year as “Alexis + Jarrett’s first Christmas Tree 2015.”

Christmas, Tree, Ornament

3. Christmas Eve present. Nothing got me more excited for Christmas as a kid than opening a present on Christmas Eve. After getting home from my grandparent’s house on Christmas Eve, I would come home and my mom and dad would let me open one last present from under the tree. I remember opening my present, loving it, and staring out the window looking at the stars thinking I saw Santa’s sleigh.

4. Family/Friends themed gift exchange. MAKE IT FUN! Add a theme! My aunt and uncle do a gift exchange with their close friends that they don’t get to see a lot throughout the year. Their themes include fun ideas like “as seen on TV”, “give a gift that starts with the letter of your birthday month” (my birthday month is February, so I could give a season of “Friends” or some kind of fragrance), or give a gift that starts with a letter of your first name.  Get creative and have fun with it! If you’re worried about hosting it, check out How to Host the Best Holiday party!

5. Jesus is the reason for the season. On Christmas Eve, bake Jesus a birthday cake and sing him Happy Birthday! On Christmas day, eat the cake as dessert after lunch or dinner with the family. Teach your kids the real reason for the season.

Jesus, Christmas, Cake

6. Everything is better in your pajamas. Who doesn’t love pajamas? Have Santa bring everyone matching pajamas by their beds the night of Christmas Eve!  Not only is this a fun gift but they make for really cute Christmas Day pictures too!

Christmas, Pajamas

7. Tis’ the Season for giving. Throughout the year gather up new or gently used back packs and school supplies and give them to the less fortunate and homeless kids around Christmas. Include toiletries, snacks, gloves, socks etc. and hand them out around your community. My cousins, Michael and Miranda, took their young boys to give the backpacks away to teach their boys how blessed they are and what the season is all about. You could also do care packages with books and small toys and take them to a children’s hospital or church. There are so many families that need help around this time of year!

8. No peeking. My friend Hayley remembers a way her mom and dad wouldn’t let her peek at her presents before she was allowed. Her mom would block the entrance of the living room with a wall of wrapping paper. When it was finally time to see what Santa brought her and her siblings got to run through the paper. How fun is that?

9. Ornament Exchange. With your partner, give an ornament that symbolizes a favorite memory of the year together. If you had a great vacation on the beach, consider a DIY Christmas ornament that includes sand and seashells from your trip! A pregnancy ornament is a great one to consider for her. It’s a keepsake see will always enjoy having.

Christmas ornament exchange

10. Game Night. At your holiday parties with the family or even on Christmas Eve with the ones at home, play some not-so-traditional holiday games like the ones we found from oncloud8. The “Can-you-get-the-cookie-from-your-forehead-into-your-mouth-without-using-your-hands-in-a-minute game” might be one of my new favorites!

Christmas, Games

11. The pickle. This was a new one to me but one that I hope to add to my list of traditions. It’s a German tradition where someone hides a pickle ornament in the tree and first one to find the pickle in the tree wins a prize such as a gift card or nail polish. The finder gets to be the hider for the next Christmas. I’ve never heard of anything like it, but I’m obsessed!

Christmas, pickle12. Christmas Present Scavenger Hunt. The parents or grandparents send the children of the family on a scavenger hunt to find their big present. You get an envelope with your name and clues at the tree. The adults get to see the children run around with excitement to find their gift! So interacting and fun!

13. Ding Dong Ditch. Christmas Edition. We all know someone who has had an unfortunate year. Decide on a person (maybe more than one) that you can send a little extra love to this season. Leave them a gift on their front porch and sign the card “Secret Santa.” The season is about giving, not receiving. Make someone else’s holiday a little brighter!

Did your Christmas traditions make the list? Let us know what your friends and family do to celebrate the holidays in the comments section below!

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