2016 Wedding Trends We Want to See This Year


Many of you have probably read Susan Southerland’s post about her predictions for the 2016 Wedding Trends from a few weeks back, which was fantastic. As is everything from Susan. Now that we’ve made it through half the month, I too wanted to jump on the bandwagon with my own ideas. With that, here are the wedding trends that I want to see in 2016!

Sheer Wedding Dresses.
If New York Bridal Market was any indication of what 2016 has in store for wedding dresses, then this trend is SUPER obvious. The nearly-there, sheer dresses are what the brides of 2016 will be venturing towards. And by venturing I really mean adventuring. Simply because it is going to take an adventurous soul to commit to one of these uber sheer designs by Theia. Aside from leaving very little to the imagination, many designers have also become incredibly daring by using deep plunging necklines and satin (think negligee) fabrics.
2016 wedding trends

Metallics Everywhere.
I am a sucker for a great metallic anything – dress, accessories, shoes, you name it I love it. So it is no surprise that I am excited about saying metallics will be big in 2016. From wedding invitations to décor and linens, a wedding this year should (and will) have some form of the shiny material in it. Some of my favorites: copper, gold and bronze.
2016 wedding trends

(Images provided by Stacy Anderson Photography, Erin Kranz Photography and Pinterest)

All About Lighting.
Ambiance is everything. Whether it be through an abundance of candles or crystal chandeliers, lighting makes or breaks the mood of a wedding. This year is no exception with that concept. In fact many weddings will focus around stunning, eye-catching lighting.
2016 wedding trends

No Reservations.
This year is all about changes. The standard round table for wedding receptions is long gone! In 2016 we are going to see more mixed up seating. Think rectangular or square tables mixed in with some classic round tables of different heights. Jazz it up even more by making those rectangular or square tables have a glass or mirrored top. Talk about drama!
2016 wedding trends

Mix & Match Centerpieces.
Similar to tables, matching centerpieces are officially out. Now is the time to mix and match with high and low arrangements. You can use different flowers at each table, or stick with the same color palette of different flowers. Both concepts will look visibly pleasing to the eye.
2016 wedding trends

Food Stations.
Kick the idea of the boring buffet out the window. Food Stations are a great opportunity for a couple to really showcase their flavor palettes and get crafty with different cuisines. Guests will have get the chance to travel to different parts of the world and just get excited about trying new things. And instead of standing in that long single-file line, they will have different stations to walk up to. Easy for couples and their guests.
2016 wedding trends

Takes the Cake.
One of my favorite trends from 2015 was that of the naked wedding cake. I am beyond thrilled to say, I believe they will continue to appear throughout 2016. Yay for going naked! With the cake that is. For those of you who prefer a little more coverage, we are going to see a bigger presence of buttercream on the cakes. Not to mention some exciting and decadent flavors. Think raspberry lemon poppyseed, blueberry coconut and Mexican hot chocolate. Yum!
2016 wedding trends

I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing all the weddings that take place in 2016, especially to see if these trends appear. Let us know your thoughts on these wedding trends, in addition to the ones Susan Southerland recently shared. You know we love to hear from you!

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