10 Things You’ll Be Glad You Did on Your Wedding Day



People are full of wedding-related advice, whether they’ve been married or not. It can be hard to narrow down which advice is best for you. We’re here to help by sharing the Top 10 things you’ll be glad you did on your wedding day:

1. Hand everything over to someone else. It can be hard to relinquish control after putting in months of planning, but it’s time for you to reap the fruits of your labor. Having a day-of coordinator, whether it’s a professional wedding planner or someone you trust who isn’t on the guest list, is the only way you will fully enjoy your big day. Let them handle any issues that might arise.
2. Have a wedding day emergency kit handy. Many day-of wedding coordinators bring along an emergency kit. If yours doesn’t, create one for yourself with things like Band-Aids, scissors, a sewing kit, bobby pins, clear nail polish, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, Super Glue, and hairspray.


3. Work with a professional stylist. This is another way for you to fully enjoy every moment of your wedding day. All you should have to do is wake up, eat breakfast, and sit happily while your hair and makeup are done by a professional. Trust us…every time you see yourself in your photos down the road, you’ll appreciate this investment in yourself!
4. Look at your guests at least once during the ceremony. Because your backs will likely be to the guests during your ceremony, take a moment to turn and look at them. It will be a moment you’ll never forget.
5. Take time for just the two of you. Whether you plan a private “first look” before the ceremony or schedule five minutes of quiet time after post-ceremony photos, you and your new spouse should take some time to just sit with each other and appreciate the moment.
6. Get photos of the people who matter to you. Your wedding photos are precious keepsakes. Make sure you get photos with everyone who came to celebrate with you.
7. Eat. You’re paying good money for the food at your wedding. Be sure you actually eat some of it.
8. Have a functional guest book. Don’t just set out a guest book that will end up in a box in the back of your closet. Have a guest book that you can turn into décor in your home to appreciate throughout your marriage.
9. Pack an “absolute essentials” bag before the wedding. You don’t want to stress about not having what you need on the wedding day, the wedding night, or your honeymoon. Make sure you keep all of the essentials together in one bag that you can grab and take with you.
10. Make a video recapping everything after it’s all over. You won’t believe how quickly the wedding day flies by! Take a moment to video yourselves after the wedding and recap how the day went. Share your favorite moments and reiterate how happy you are. Ask your videographer if it can be incorporated into your wedding video, or just keep the footage for yourselves.

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