Matchy Matchy: Does Your Stationery Have to Match?


Once upon a time, invitations seemed to be all the same – white cardstock with classic gold font. However, in the last several years we’ve seen couples turn the tables on traditional stationery with an array of colors, fonts, and paper! The rules are changing and we’ve got some tips for putting your own invitation suite together.


The good news about stationery is that you can’t make a wrong decision since it’s dependent upon your comfort level with the options. When couples decide to go with a matching set (save-the-dates, invitations, seating cards, etc.), it’s usually because all they have to do is decide on a scheme – that’s it! Everything is included and any worry about cohesion is gone. You may have a million other wedding projects going on and it can be nice to just pick a beautiful suite and be done with it.

Mismatched stationery can take a bit more work because you’ll want to make sure all of your choices make sense together, but it tends to be more representative of you and allows you to express yourself even more because you’re able to bring out more of your personalities and styles.

There are so many different ways to create a stationery suite that fits you and your partner’s personalities while still tying into your wedding vision. Keep in mind the aesthetic of course, as well as the language you’re using. To keep it cohesive, you’ll want both of these elements to flow through all of your pieces so that it evokes the same feeling.


If you’re looking for inspiration, consider taking your guests on a journey with your stationery. The term “journey” may sound cheesy, but this is a great opportunity to share tidbits of you and your partner’s relationship or sneak peeks from your wedding. Start with the save-the-date and incorporate some elements about how you two met or how you got engaged. For the invitations, think about what you have planned for the wedding and bring bits of that in both the wording and the look. With your seating cards and table numbers, you can include fun elements from your time together. The possibilities are truly endless!

Remember that wedding stationery is not meant to be another project to stress over, but a creative extension of your overall wedding vision. Your save-the-dates and invitations are beautiful tokens that guests will love to open and share.

Jamie Chang is the owner of Mango Muse Events, a leading destination wedding planning company based in the San Francisco Bay Area and serving destination couples all over the world. She is also the creator of Passport to Joy, a step-by-step program that guides couples in planning their own destination wedding.

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