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How to Make a Wedding Photos Must Have List

Can you believe you’re about to get married!? I am sure you are feeling swirls of excitement, agonizing anxiety (‘what am I forgetting?’), and sheer terror that nothing will go as planned. Amongst all of that is a worry that you won’t get the images that you want and that your fiancé will not be […] Read more…

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Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Mark Fierst Photography

Beer over wine. Carnivore over herbivore. Funny over serious. Sarcastic over boring. Butter over margarine. Chicago over New York. Star Wars over Star Trek. City over country. Pie over cake. Starbucks over Caribou. Instagram over Facebook. Movies over books. Fall over spring. Bacon over everything. This isn’t a dating ad, and, no, I’m not describing […] Read more…

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Why You Should Have an Intimate Wedding Ceremony

A wedding includes a sincere ceremony and a slightly more rowdy reception, sometimes that ceremony includes flower girls and jumping the broom, blessings and poetry. How ever you decide to commit your lives to one another, whether it takes 10 minutes, an hour or two days, I’d like to make a compelling argument for making […] Read more…

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