This couple had a coral, magenta, and pink color scheme accented with gold throughout their rustic venue. The bright colors popped so perfectly against the soft pink and grays, making it a perfect ending to the summer!

    Photo Credit: Susie Marie Photography


    There’s something that happens to the atmosphere when you add live music. Your event becomes more inviting, people start to feel fancier and guests have a hard time not feeling the love.

    Photo Credit: Sweet Ice Cream Photography


    You keep seeing it, but what is it? Hula hoop wreaths and decor have made their debut and we can’t get enough! From birthday parties to weddings, they work anywhere and are such a unique decor item. Old or cheap hula hoops can be made into different decor pieces, and with just a little bit of creativity, you can make your very own DIY hula hoop wreath!

    Photo Credit: Ruth Eileen Photography


    Jeff and Audriana are lovers of the outdoors, the water, and of each other. Jeff proposed at their family cabin while heading out on a hike. They share a love for music as well and brought some instruments to jam on during their session including a guitar handed down to the bride-to-be from her grandfather. Just an extra special touch added to this gorgeous couple’s engagement shoot.

    Photo Credit: Theresa Wooner Photography 


    Floral cuffs, bracelet corsages, living jewelry… whatever you want to call them, we call them incredible! Passionflower is a floral design studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan that specializes in floral fashion, jewelry, floral styling, and weddings.  Susan McLeary is the designer behind Passionflower and sees herself as a “corsage ambassador.”


    Hannah has always had a passion for weddings, and it showed through the details throughout the entire day. From fresh florals laced throughout to the gold chandelier, it was all around a beautiful and elegant wedding.

    Photo Credit: Ahna Maria Photography

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