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Wedding Ceremony: 4 Creative Aisle Decor Options

Wedding Ceremony: 4 Creative Aisle Decor Options

Looking for ways to make a grand entrance at your wedding ceremony? Here, four creative decor ideas to take your aisle style up a notch.

1. Petals in Patterns: A simple row of colored petals lining either side of your aisle adds a subtle pop of color without going overboard. The design possibilities are nearly endless, when you consider that you can have many different colors of flower petals (just remember to check with your ceremony venue to be sure they do not have restrictions, some allow only white to prevent stains on indoor flooring) and many different patterns! If your wedding party doesn’t include a flower girl, it’s a nice way to still incorporate flower petals adorning the aisle.

2. Pew Pomanders: Also called kissing balls, pew pomanders are a popular option for decorating the aisle in traditional church weddings. These round orbs of flowers also make great brides bouquets, and when dried properly, make a beautiful keepsake long after the wedding is over.

3. Enlightened Luminaries: A candlelight ceremony is romantic and easy to achieve, especially with the help of luminaries guiding your way down the aisle. This look can be achieved either with paper bags (be careful with the placement of these), votives or glass hurricanes.

4. Lovely Lanterns: As a play on luminaries, lanterns are also a way to add a soft glow of light to your wedding ceremony. Closed lanterns with pillar candles add a dramatic element to outdoor weddings held at dusk. Whether hanging on pews, placed on shepherd's hooks or simply standing alone, lanterns lend a romantic style to your big day.