New trends in wedding cakes


There are many new trends for wedding cakes.
Brides planning a wedding are often looking for unique ways to make an impression at their affair. Of course, this pertains to one of the sweetest aspects of their soiree - their cake.

Luckily, ABC News compiled a list of wedding cake trends that can take a party from blasé to the big leagues.

One fad that doesn't seem to be going anywhere is black and white wedding cakes. Perfect for couples looking to embrace an old-school vibe at their marital affair, these creations should be handled with care.

"Go easy on the black accents - too many and it won't look edible," the news source reports.

Lovebirds hoping to create a funkier feeling at their shindig may want to order another daring dessert - mod-style wedding cakes.

"Have cake slices served up on colorful plates to echo your cake's eccentric design," the news source recommends.

Other cakes brides can choose from include laser-printed creations, blush and gold pastries or even invitation-inspired treats. Choose the one that fits your style and personality best and watch as everyone licks their plates clean.
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There are many new trends for wedding cakes.
Brides planning a wedding are often looking for unique ways to make an impression at their affair. Of course, this pertains to one of the sweetest aspects of their soiree - their cake.


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