Engagement ring trends of 2013


Engagement ring trends of 2013
Just as summer is considered wedding season, the holidays are a time when a surge of people pop the question and start wedding planning. However, before you go out and get that beautiful bauble, you may want to check out the latest engagement rings trends. Even though these sparklers will likely not be criticized later on for being out of style, that doesn't necessarily mean engagement ring trends don't come and go.  Here are a few of the latest engagement ring trends.

Princess-cut diamonds
This square-ish cut has been popular for some time, and it is not slowing down. It continues to be the diamond shape of choice for a number of couples, especially because of its price. This cut was designed to take rough diamonds and conserve the carat weight of them with minimal shaping. Because of this, you can get more bang for your buck.

Halo and double halo settings
Halo engagement rings were extremely popular last year. Essentially, these rings have a circle of smaller diamonds surrounding the main, centered diamond. This gives the ring a little extra bling, even when the diamond is not too big, and it also represents an unbroken circle, which can symbolize unity to the couple. Also popular this year are double halo settings, which give two tiers of diamonds surrounding the sparkler.

Emerald, pear and oval cuts
Princess cuts are easily being mixed in with a variety of other diamond cuts that are popping up more often than ever before. Emerald cuts and cushion cuts with a halo design have been growing in popularity, and they usually feature an elegant band. Oval cuts bring out a more modern overall look than the typical circle stone, and look beautiful in a variety of settings including the trendy east-west setting in which the oval rests horizontally. Pear cuts are also popular, as they are both feminine and have an air of a vintage-themed bauble.

Rings with intricate bands
Bands and side views have become even more elaborate and intricate in their designs. Whether pave diamonds, filigree engraving or a bezel set, these bands and settings will certainly catch the eye of many. Twists and turns make for dazzling rings that have movement and dimension. The way in which the metal is carved is one of the main focal points of the ring, and this is especially popular for diamonds on the smaller side.

Vintage-style engagement rings
It seems as though vintage-inspired rings will never go out of style, as these baubles have been considered populars for years. These come in all sorts of cuts and intricate designs while also seeming like they have been around for ages. Often times there are floral or leaf designs on the rings. The main diamond of the ring will also be accompanied with a couple smaller diamonds on its side in some cases.

Bring on the color
The idea that diamonds can be the only stone in an engagement ring has quickly become a thing of the past. The previous decade was complete with a white gold or platinum band with a white diamond, but now pinks, yellows, greens, blues and chocolates are making their way to engagement rings. Various stones are coupled with diamonds in many cases such as rubies, blue sapphires, and canary yellow diamonds. Cognac and champagne diamonds are becoming the highlight of engagement rings, giving ladies a pop of color on their baubles. 
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Engagement ring trends of 2013
Just as summer is considered wedding season, the holidays are a time when a surge of people pop the question and start wedding planning.


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Mother of the bride wants to look just as good
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Designer Henry Roth ranks Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier's wedding as number one celebrity nuptials
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Shopping for wedding dresses is quite the commitment
When the time comes for brides-to-be to start looking for the beautiful wedding dress that they will wear on their special day - it is a big commitment, according The Detroit News.


Bridal show helps hundreds of couples plan
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Replica of Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress sold in hours
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Vintage wedding rings believed to be timeless
Weddings with a vintage-theme seem bring something new and something old together, as many jewelers offer antique and vintage wedding bands that make the union one to remember.


Wedding dress made completely out of human hair
The Alternative Miss Liverpool pageant winner this past Saturday was a creation made by Thelma Madine was sure to turn some heads.


Get a wedding ring from space
Those who are planning a wedding that is quite lavish, if not over-the-top, may want to consider wedding rings made by SpaceWed, as these unique gold bands have been blasted off to space for a few min


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Wedding venue hosts event
There is a laundry list of things that brides and grooms must do while planning a wedding.


Bride wears a 127-year-old wedding gown
Something old, something blue and something borrowed - every bride knows they need an item of each for their special day.


Vera Wang expands business to include jewelry
Vera Wang is known for her beautiful wedding dresses that she designs and creates, and it was recently announced that she is going to be expanding her wedding business.


Nude heels the trend of the royal wedding season
The pair of royal weddings that happened recently have sparked quite a bit of fashion trends, one of which being nude shoes, according to Marie Claire.


Pippa Middleton sparks fashion inspiration
The Royal Wedding left the world a buzz, and a great deal of it centered around the fashion.


Perfect wedding dress design for any bride
Many girls have thought about the perfect wedding dress design for them to wear on their special day.


Custom-made wedding dresses becoming a trend
It is becoming increasingly popular for brides to know exactly what they want from their wedding dresses designers, and what type of style they want for their special day.


Local library holds wedding dress sale
Planning for a wedding is far from cheap, and any little help a couple can get may go a long way. In East Brunswick, New Jersey, a local library decided to help out the brides in the area by providing


Princess Beatrice's hat stylist defends her
The wedding planning and actual nuptials of the Prince William and Kate Middleton received an enormous amount of media attention.


Ways to save on wedding dresses
Sticker shock is something many brides-to-be feel when they start wedding dress shopping, according to the news channel WPTV-TV.


Wedding dress trends for the fall
Each season new wedding dress designs are released describing the best and hottest bridal trends and fashions for the upcoming months


Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest announces winner
Cheap Chic Weddings held their seventh annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, with Susan Brennan taking the prize after she created a floral dress with four rolls of toilet paper, hot glue and pac


Disney is coming out with wedding dress collection
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What to do with the dress after the wedding
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Wedding dress competition in London
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Fall wedding dress trends
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Tips to pick out the perfect dress
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May want to be cautious when purchasing a wedding dress online
Wedding planning can be expensive, and many brides try to save money by purchasing their wedding dresses online.


Wedding fashion tips for men
Traditionally, the bulk of the wedding planning responsibility falls on the bride.


You don't have to wear white on your big day.
Think white is your only option on the big day? Think again!


Pippa's dress is proving to be almost as popular as her sister's.
Kate Middleton's younger sister Pippa must have been feeling like she was playing second fiddle to her sister all throughout Kate's engagement, but when the big day came, Pippa got plenty of attention


The details on Kate Middleton's bouquet
When it comes to the royal wedding, no detail is too small.


A British church will showcase some wedding dresses.
With just one day to go until the royal wedding, nuptial glamor is on everyone's mind.


What will Kate Middleton wear on her wedding day?
It's got everyone's tongues wagging - what will Kate Middleton wear when she marries Prince William this weekend?


In Wales, you can get a wedding dress for a steal - while donating to charity.
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A mix-up landed a bride with the wrong gown.
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Bella and Edward will get married in the final Twilight film.
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Reese Witherspoon wore an off-white wedding dress - and you can, too!
Details are continuing to emerge about Reese Witherspoon's recent wedding to Hollywood agent Jim Toth, and it turns out the bride might not have been the only thing that was blushing.


You can check out some classic wedding gowns at a new exhibit.
Marjorie Merriweather Post and her daughters were certainly familiar with weddings.


Would you make your wedding dress out of this?
Many ladies are looking for a bargain when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, but how far would you go to save a few bucks? Some young women have decided to construct their wedding gowns o


Crochet could be a big trend in 2011.
A vintage favorite is making a comeback this year when it comes to nuptials.


Engagement rings - how big can you go?
Carrie Underwood has one. So does Hilary Duff. No, we're not talking about gorgeous Canadian hockey-playing husbands (although that certainly is true) - we're getting ready to dish about gargantuan en


Make sure you find the perfect bra for your wedding dress!
Women often spend their wedding planning picking out the perfect get-up for their big day - locating the prettiest dress, veil and shoes are often at the top of their list. Still, brides-to-be shouldn


Get creative with your wedding dress.
It's safe to say that most brides dream of getting hitched in a white wedding dress, but every once in a while, a woman becomes enamored with a gown of a different color


A new wedding dress collection will be available for brides!
Women who adore the clothing from Anthropologie and Free People may want to listen up - a new wedding dress line from the esteemed company is about to make its highly-anticipated debut.


Kate Middleton's dress is being kept under lock and key!
The world is bursting with excitement in anticipation of the royal wedding, and it's safe to say this most likely stems from the need to see Kate Middleton's wedding dress. Because of this, Buckingham


Practice with your makeup!
Women who are currently planning a wedding and want to practice with their makeup should take note - there's a new blush trend for 2011, and it promises to be one to remember.


Reese's ring is gorgeous!
Ladies who know their guy is about to begin engagement ring shopping and want some pointers for their new piece of bling may want to turn to the stars for inspiration.


Let your personality shine when choosing a wedding dress!
The days of wearing white at your marital shindig may be long gone, but that doesn't mean brides-to-be have it any easier while deciding on their wedding fashion. With so many materials and shades of


Should you buy a polka-dotted wedding dress?
Women currently planning a wedding are undoubtedly doing their best to envision the picture-perfect gown. With all the varying types of material and styles out there, the options can be endless!


Honeysuckle is the go-to color of 2011.
Spring and summer brides who are still conflicted about what color to dress their bridesmaids in May now have their answer. As it turns out, the Pantone Color Institute, the global authority on color


Consider a wedding dress with flower accents!
There's nothing more feminine and frilly than floral detail, so why don't more women pay attention to this stunning feature when looking through elegant wedding dresses?


Princess Diana's wedding dress is on display.
If there's one wedding gown that the world will remember forever, it's Princess Diana's gorgeous creation. This isn't so surprising - the late British royal's nuptials were viewed by millions of peopl


A woman lost her beloved wedding ring on Halloween.
For women who are planning a wedding and enjoy a spooky Halloween story, have we got a tale for you.


Military brides can receive free wedding dresses!
Every gal dreams of having the picture-perfect wedding, but women in the military are often faced with certain obstacles. Between being shipped halfway around the world and dealing with the stress of


Try not to pick a wedding dress with a simple bodice.
Every girl wants to enter marital bliss in a designer wedding dress, but picking the right one can be a challenge. Now, girls who are shopping for a gorgeous gown may want to add another detail to the


A woman went to great lengths to save her wedding dress.
When a bride purchases her dream designer wedding dress, it's safe to say she will want to keep it under lock and key. Perhaps that's why the actions of one Wisconsin woman aren't so surprising.


Brides may want to take a chance and wear black bridal shoes!
While it's been over a decade since the world first fell in love with Harry Potter, it's safe to say millions still fondly look back on growing up with the characters. Because of this, women planning


Choose the right bridal shoes!
Girls who are planning a wedding often look forward to the moment they cut a rug with their main squeeze. Still, women should be careful about the footwear they choose for their fancy affair.


Pearls will look great on a bride!
One of the last details a woman about to become a Mrs contemplates is her jewelry. Still, the baubles and bridal hair accessories a girl shows off on her big day can make or break her look.


Women getting married don't have to kiss a frog to feel like a princess!
Girls who envision being a princess on their wedding day may now see their dreams come true. Alfred Angelo, one of the most respected wedding dress designers out there, has teamed up with Disney to cr


Pregnant brides can look pretty, too!
Women who are planning a wedding often take months (and, let's face it, sometimes years) to choose the most gorgeous wedding gown for their affair. Of course, pregnant brides may not have as much time


Wedding dresses with black embellishments are popular at the moment.
The colder months are upon us, and women planning a wedding during the winter may be wondering what fashions are hot for the upcoming season. According to Glamour.com, there's a certain detail that ga


Brides in the UK will get to wear their wedding dress again!
A kindhearted actress from the United Kingdom is planning on donning her wedding dress for a second time, and in the name of charity.


Couples should scuff their shoes before the celebration begins!
Every bride spends eons picking out the perfect wedding gown. While locating the dress of one's dreams is important, there's another facet to her wedding day wear that needs her undivided attention -


Oprah gave away 50 Vera Wang wedding dresses!
Every bride-to-be spends her days and nights dreaming of Vera Wang's collection of elegant wedding dresses, but how many women actually wear one on her special day?


A woman saved a number of wedding gowns from a fire.
While every woman planning a wedding frets that a total disaster will happen before their walk down the aisle, most affairs go off without a hitch. Still, some New York-area brides were saved from a p


Elie Saab's new wedding dresses are sure to make any bride smile on her big day
A-list designers are currently revealing their wedding dresses for the upcoming season, and Elie Saab recenetly has unveiled his very first ready-to-wear bridal line for Spring 2011.


A leather belt worn with a wedding dress may be the next-big-thing.
Women who are about to don a wedding ring often rack their brains for creative wedding ideas. Glamour.com recently offered a particular one that may pique some girls' interest.


The dress from Gone with the Wind needs to be restored.
While all women adore their own wedding dress, there is a certain one out there that needs saving - Scarlett O'Hara's!


The fabric of a woman's wedding dress matters.
It goes without saying that brides currently planning a wedding spend their days and nights envisioning the picture-perfect gown. Between all the styles, cuts and designers out there, making that fina