Facebook to share wedding and engagement news


Facebook to share wedding and engagement news
Many of those who use Facebook on a regular basis are used to seeing notifications telling them if it's one of their friends' birthdays. Now Facebook is taking it one step further by letting people know about upcoming nuptials, according to MSNBC.

Like when a user shares his or her birthday on the social networking site, the betrothed couple will get congratulations and special messages from their friends. Couples can keep their friends up to date with wedding planning news as well.

"To make it easier to keep up with these momentous occasions and to ensure you can share in your friends' joy, we are rolling out a 'Weddings and Celebrations' feature," a spokesperson told the news source. "Beginning today, special events starting with engagements and weddings will be displayed along with friends' birthdays when you log into Facebook."

According to WebProNews, this will help those who tend to forget when exactly their friend is saying "I do." Plus, this allows the happy couple to share their news with more, especially since they can't invite everyone to their big day. 
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Congratulations! You were given the equally amazing, touching and overwhelming task of being the maid of honor.


Indiana mayor presides over same sex couple ceremonies
An Indiana mayor joined a protest on Thursday night and ended up presiding over 13 same sex couples during a staged wedding ceremony, according to The Associated Press.


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Unique food ideas for a wedding
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Wedding chapels in Las Vegas expect boost on 12/12/12
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Bride and her dad perform tap dance for their father-daughter dance
Talk about a father-daughter dance that takes the cake. Heather Jones and her father William had a little more preparation than most while planning the wedding, as their father-daughter dance was a co


Love letters found in Hurricane Sandy devastation
Hurricane Sandy bombarded the East Coast last month, leaving towns in New York and New Jersey dealing with the worst of damages.


Wedding applications, websites make it easier to plan
It seems as though there is an app for everything, and now brides and grooms can easier wedding planning on their smart phones and tablets, too.


Election Day brings a big night for marriage equality
Election Day brought a series of firsts. President Barack Obama was re-elected by defeating Governor Mitt Romney in nearly all of the swing states.


One couple did not let Hurricane Sandy get in the way of their wedding plans
Hurricane Sandy bombarded the East Coast, leaving many without power, with flooded homes and inevitably canceled plans.


How to select the perfect wedding band
Many couples who are planning a wedding may think decision-making is basically over once they decide they want a band instead of a DJ, but the happy couple cannot check this item off the list yet.


"Shotgun wedding" takes on new meaning in Iowa
Men who are thinking about popping the question can get a little more bang for their buck when they purchase an engagement ring in Iowa - literally.


Couple can enter to win a wedding on the "Love Float"
Farmers Insurance recently announced that it will be running a contest for couples who want to say "I do" during the 54th annual Rose Parade.


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Brides-to-be can't wait to get their hands on the beautiful wedding dress of their dreams, but outfit planning does not stop there.


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Study shows women who have doubts before wedding have greater risk of divorce
A new study conducted by researchers from UCLA shows women who have serious doubts before a wedding are more likely to get divorced.


Asking the tough questions while wedding planning
When a couple starts wedding planning, they quickly realize how many decisions they have to make - from what beautiful wedding dress the bride will choose to which flowers, food and venue they will se


Groom surprises bride with choreographed dance to One Direction
The majority of men would not admit to listening British boy band One Direction's music, let alone get a group of their friends together to choreograph a dance.


Catholic priest rebuked after involvement in same-sex wedding
Archbishop Henry J. Mansell has officially rebuked Reverend Michael DeVito of Sacred Heart Church in Connecticut, after DeVito participated in his cousin's same-sex wedding in New York City, according


Couple says "I do" on a mountain top
When Bob Ewing proposed to his now-wife Antonie on the narrow peak of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia, she quickly informed him that was is is where she wanted to say "I do" as well, according to The As


Couple ties the knot while soaring over Newport Beach
As time goes on, more couples think of crazier and more creative ways to tie the knot. Whether the nuptials are big or small, they always seem to match with the bride and groom's personality and ideas


Wedding party do's and don'ts
Couples who are in the middle of wedding planning have a lot to consider, and the last thing they want to be thinking about on their big day is whether their wedding party is going to behave.


More couples serving a signature beer at their wedding
When it comes to wedding planning, many brides- and grooms-to-be will choose Champagne to toast to their happily ever after.


Tips for hosting a fall wedding
Even though summer is considered the most popular time for wedding planning, autumn is right behind it.


Top wedding myths debunked
Brides-to-be are simply elated once Mr. Right gets down on one knee and proposes, and they cannot wait until they start wedding planning.


Black couple denied wedding at church
Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson had been planning a wedding for quite some time, and they were expected to get hitched at the First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, Mississippi.


Idaho woman's wedding ring found years later
While the big day leading up to the wedding planning may come and go, a bride's engagement and wedding rings are forever.


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The biggest wedding day embarrassing moments
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Serbian brides run for prizes
Nearly 50 brides-to-be in beautiful wedding dresses and sneakers sprinted to the finish line in Belgrade, Serbia, to help each other with their wedding planning processes, The Associated Press reports


First same-sex marriage held at military base took place last month
Tech Sgt. Erwynn Umali and his longtime partner Will Behrens tied the knot on June 23, making history at the same time.


Wedding planning: How to prepare for those unwanted guests
No one's family is perfect, and when it comes to wedding planning, some couples wince when they realize all of the people they have to invite to their big day.


Facebook to share wedding and engagement news
Many of those who use Facebook on a regular basis are used to seeing notifications telling them if it's one of their friends' birthdays.


Dog wedding breaks world record
It was a perfect day for a wedding - the bride donned a $6,000 custom-made beautiful wedding gown, while her groom waited for her down the aisle.


Celebrate the Fourth of July with a wedding
When people think about the Fourth of July, many imagine spending time with family and friends at barbecues and beach outings, but some couples see this day as the perfect opportunity to say "I do."


Couple reenacts the wedding of Elvis Presley's parents
Many people have either heard of or attended a themed wedding - some couples have gone as far as to impersonate certain people while saying "I do."


Choosing the right wine for a wedding
When a couple begins wedding planning, they soon realize how many decisions have to be made.


The worst wedding guest stories as of late
It is no secret weddings are a joyful occasion, but as many couples opt for an open bar, they may run into a few problems as their guests toast to their happiness.


The average wedding costs $27,000, new research suggests
Wedding season is here, and as many family members and friends get ready to attend various nuptials this summer, they may be wondering what the average wedding costs as of late.


Brides-to-be can take advantage of online tools
When brides- and grooms-to-be start wedding planning, they may find they are not as geographically close to some family members as they would like.


Wedding contest for brides that can give them a new kitchen
Kenmore appliances is looking for brides-to-be who are amidst wedding planning to cast the second season of its live online show.


Jewelry trends for brides who get hitched on the beach
Wedding season is here, and as many brides and grooms are putting the final touches on their wedding planning, there still may be a few details to iron out.


Is Pinterest affecting the professional wedding planners?
The social media site Pinterest has been growing in popularity, as millions of Americans are utilizing the online bulletin boards to "pin" things they want and love.


Wedding planning: Choosing between digital and traditional invitations
When it comes to choosing wedding invitations, some couples can get a little overwhelmed.


Many couples can't imagine not having their pups in their weddings, tips how to do so
When many couples start their wedding planning, they cannot imagine saying "I do" without their closest family and friends - and in many cases, this includes their furry four-legged companions.


Portland man ups the ante for proposals
These days, it seems as though planning for a proposal is nearly just as extensive as wedding planning - well, maybe.


Choosing wedding attire for the whole week
When it comes to wedding planning, many couples start to feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of decisions they have to make.


Marvel Comic depicts first same-sex marriage in Astonishing X-Men
Marvel Comics first made headlines in 1992 when they revealed Northstar, a Canadian superhero, was gay. According to Rolling Stone, Northstar is making headlines once again by marrying his longtime pa


The importance of wedding insurance
When a couple starts wedding planning, the last thing they want to think about is what can go wrong.


Recent trend has the groom brewing his own beer for the wedding
When John King proposed to wife, he knew right off the bat he wanted to brew his own beer for their wedding, and he is not the only groom with this desire, according to MSNBC.


Trends for bridesmaids dresses this fall
Brides and grooms have a lot on their minds when they are in the midst of wedding planning, and in order to plan a successful event, couples have to start early.


Pet owners set up weddings for their furry friends
Many pet owners agree their furry friend is a part of the family.


Boyfriend proposes to girlfriend after she receives her diploma for American University
Sarah Cooper, the recent graduate of American University, is not only going to start planning for her life, but is also going to be planning a wedding.


How to stream a wedding live
Every betrothed couple runs into a little disappointment during the wedding planning process when they find out that some of their guests are unable to attend the nuptials.


New registry for betrothed couples
Wedding season is here, and those who are amidst wedding planning or have a number of nuptials to go to may be curious about the changes with wedding registries.


Choosing wedding invitations online
When it comes to wedding planning, a number of brides and grooms quickly find themselves overwhelmed at the vast amount of choices they have to make.


Getting in the best shape for the big day
When brides and grooms are enthralled with wedding planning, many want to make sure they are not only checking items off their list, but are also staying fit.


Brides and grooms can take advantage of new web app
A new application allows for couples to interact with their guests and provides a social platform for people to find out the latest news and updates about the upcoming nuptials.


A destination wedding may be the perfect solution
Many brides- and grooms-to-be are on the fence about having a destination wedding or not while wedding planning.


Choosing the right flowers for a wedding
When it comes to wedding planning, flowers generally take up 10 percent of a couple's budget.


Couple gets engaged halfway through a marathon
Kathryn Zetzer and her boyfriend Liam Brett were running their second marathon together, but little did she know they would start planning a wedding soon after.


Tips for choosing the bridesmaids gifts, dresses
Choosing which bridesmaids dresses the bride's best friends will wear can be difficult, especially for large bridal parties in which everyone seems to be different shapes and sizes.


Creative ways to make a wedding unique
Whether an individual is enthralled in wedding planning or not, many are aware of the various websites that help couples plan their special day.


Couple decide to say "I do" in a mud pit
When many think of their dream wedding, they may not consider putting on a beautiful wedding dress and going into the mud.


Planning an eco-friendly wedding
Many brides and grooms love the idea of having an eco-friendly wedding, but they may not know exactly where to start.


Keeping proper wedding etiquette in mind while wedding planning
When it comes to wedding planning, many brides and grooms may be overwhelmed with what consists of proper etiquette.


Making reception and ceremony cohesive
There are a lot of details and aspects of wedding planning, and when a bride and groom combine all of their ideas to make a finished product, it's important everything is cohesive.


Tips for the father of the bride
Many fathers can agree that letting their daughter go is no easy task, and add that to the price of weddings these days and it can make any dad go crazy.


Watch some of the best wedding movies of all time
Wedding season is here, and as many couples are enthralled in their wedding planning, they may want to take the time to enjoy some of the classic wedding movies - it may even give some unique ideas.


Figuring out transportation from the ceremony to reception
Every bride and groom know there are a slew of choices and details that have to be ironed out while wedding planning. Even the smallest details cannot be overlooked, including transportation for the w


Wedding traditions couples can skip without feeling guilty about it
When it comes to wedding planning, a number of brides and grooms can agree the amount of decisions can seem overwhelming, especially to those couples who are trying to please everyone involved.


Owners host wedding for their dogs
It is no secret that many pet owners feel as though their furry friends are a huge part of the family.


Choosing the best wedding favors for the nuptials
When it comes to wedding planning, there are a slew of decisions to make and details to iron out. Some of these choices are quite big including the venue for the ceremony, wedding dress and entertainm


Picking out the perfect gift for the maid of honor
Many brides-to-be believe they would not be able to plan the wedding of their dreams without the help of their maid of honor.


Planning a great bachelorette party
There are so many decisions a bride and groom have to make while they are wedding planning.


Best practices for establishing a guest list for a wedding
When it comes to wedding planning, one of the first things a betrothed couple needs to do is decide who they are going to invite to their big day - and this decision can be more difficult than many ex


What the groom can do for the wedding planning
Let's face it - the big wedding day is not all about the bride - even though no one wants to tell her that.


Packing an emergency wedding kit - just in case
It is no secret that wedding planning is no easy feat. Even if the planning itself goes smoothly, there is always a possibility of something going awry - and brides- and grooms-to-be need to be prepar


Starting to create a wedding checklist
When it comes to wedding planning, there are a lot of details and choices to make.


Making a theme work throughout a wedding
When it comes to wedding planning, there is one decision many brides- and grooms-to-be have to make early on - the theme of their nuptials.


Couples can create application to help plan a wedding
With the digital age, wedding planning has certainly seen its changes.


Making a wedding eco-friendly
Over the last few years, a number of people have started to make a conscious effort of ensuring their day lives more eco-friendly - why should this end with wedding planning?


Choosing the perfect vows for the big day
There are a slew of details that brides- and grooms-to-be have to decide on, and they aren't always the easiest choices to make.


Ways to personalize a wedding
When it comes to wedding planning, a number of different brides- and grooms-to-be are looking for unique and personal twists to add to their big day.


Tips on DIY wedding ideas
Couples who are planning a wedding on a budget are looking for any way to save a buck, especially when they want to opt for those gorgeous flowers that may be a little more than expected.


More than 200 couples gathered in Cleveland for mass same-sex wedding
More than 200 gay and lesbian couples joined together at the Cleveland Galleria this past Saturday to participate in a mass wedding, even though it was not legal, according to The Cleveland Plain Deal


Tips on planning a destination wedding
Planning a destination wedding is both exciting and thrilling. However, there are a few things couples need to be aware of before they head for the airport, according to MSNBC.


What to registry for your wedding, the things you may forget about
When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most enjoyable parts for the bride- and groom-to-be is registering for gifts.


How to choose the perfect wedding planner
It was not that long ago when the bride- and groom-to-be made every decision and planned everything when it came to their wedding.


National Proposal Day comes March 20
Nowadays, there seems to be a day of the year for everything - including proposals.


A new type of registry for couples
When it comes to a couple choosing what they want on a registry, some have been going a less traditional route. Instead of opting for new dishes or vases, couples are starting to ask for money to put


Choosing the perfect colors for a summer wedding
Summer is considered by many to be wedding season, and as many couples are eager to say "I do" under a gorgeous sun next to a beach or with mountains in the background, they first have to start with t


Wedding flowers mistakes to avoid
Flowers are one of the key aspects to any nuptials, so it is important while wedding planning to ensure that the flowers are taken care of - and to the couple's specifications.


Choosing the right vendors for that special day
Once a couple gets engaged, the sheer joy of the engagement can fade when the bride- and groom-to-be find out everything that goes into wedding planning.


Choose a rock and roll theme for your wedding
Music is a vital aspect of many people's lives - some of which may consider it such a big part, they want to incorporate it into their wedding planning.


How to plan a wedding at a winery
Couples who share a passion for wine may want to incorporate it into their wedding planning - some may even make it a focal point.


How to plan a Cajun-themed wedding
When many think of a Cajun-themed event, they think New Orleans - and this is exactly where a couple enthralled in wedding planning would want to have it.


Choosing the perfect wedding invitation
While wedding planning, one of the first items that the guest receives is the invitation, so it is important to ensure that these pieces of stationary do not only reflect the bride and groom's persona


Create a black and white wedding to perfection
Those who love the old Hollywood feel or just the simplicity of black and white can capture all of this and more while planning a wedding.


How to plan a western wedding
In many cases you can take the couple out of the country, but you truly never take the country out of the couple. Betrothed pairs who agree may want to opt for a western-themed wedding to keep up with


Could can celebrate anniversary at hotel for same price they paid originally
Isidore and Joan Schwartz are coming up on their 60th wedding anniversary, and are celebrating at the hotel they had their reception - for the same price, according to The New York Daily News.


Couples wed on Leap Day
Leap Day, the extra day in February, only comes once every four years, and some couples start planning a wedding around the date to enjoy a little bit of a unique wedding anniversary, according to the


Elderly couple gets hitched, breaks record
Lillian Hartley and Allan Marks decided that this Leap Year would be the perfect time to get married.


Bright and bold colors one of the many wedding bouquet trends
Many brides cannot wait until they put on that beautiful wedding dress and walk down the aisle.


Feature a signature cocktail at the wedding
There are several wedding trends emerging, and one of them is signature cocktails at the various unique wedding venues.


Couple gets dream wedding at Empire State Building
Couple who are planning a wedding may be hesitant as it is not a cheap endeavor.


Couple to be hitched at largest Titanic attraction
Lynsay Smith and Bryan Evans will be the first couple to marry at the largest Titanic attraction in Belfast.


Many opt for wedding insurance
Couples who are planning a wedding may want to consider wedding insurance, as it is more valuable than many think, according to USA Today.


Washington passes same-sex marriage bill
Washington state lawmakers recently voted to approve gay marriage, and now Governor Chris Gregoire is expected to sign the new law next week, according to The Associated Press.


Couple receives wedding of their dreams from Auburn University
Engaged couples in Auburn, Alabama, had the opportunity to sign up for the War Eagle Wedding giveaway, in which they will have a custom-designed wedding dress, according to the Montgomery News.


Wedding on Valentine's Day, it's not too late to plan
It is one thing to get engaged on the romantic day of year - but why not get hitched? Couples who are considering it may still be able to do so, as long as they start planning a wedding now.


Wedding expo incorporates more than just weddings
A wedding expo in Knoxville, Tennessee, is incorporating more than nuptials. It's fitting title is Bridal and Beyond, according to the Knoxville News.


Proposals on Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year
Valentine's Day is coming up, and many may be considering proposing to their loved one on the most romantic day of the year. Those who are considering may want to start looking at gorgeous rings to gi


Soolip Wedding to take place at the end of February
A Soolip Wedding is a wedding expo for couples who are looking for only the best when it comes to who they will hire for their wedding.


Wedding ring found in flower bed
Couples who are planning a wedding usually take their time picking out wedding bands because they last forever. However, that wasn't the case for one Michigan couple until recently.


A few wedding "don'ts" for recently engaged couples
It is no secret that planning a wedding can get quite overwhelming.


New York hosts its first gay wedding expo
Brooklyn's Borough Hall held New York's first gay wedding expo this past Sunday, and gay couples of all ages packed the halls to get a few tips for planning a wedding, according The Guardian.


DeKalb wedding expo helps brides and grooms
Many brides and grooms in the DeKalb, Illinois, area attended the DeKalb Wedding Expo this past Sunday. The event brought together couples and the various vendors they will need for their big day, acc


Working the weather into your wedding plans
There are a number of things that a couple can prepare for and expect when they are planning a wedding. However, one aspect that no one can predict is the weather.


Man proposes while on a plane
Scott Wetton and Jacqueline Poushay of Calgary will now be planning a wedding after Wetton got down on one knee approximately 30,000 feet in the air, according to the Montreal Gazette.


Wedding expo held in Brooklyn
The first "Big Fat Jewish Wedding" expo took place this past Tuesday at Brooklyn's Grand Prospect Hall, and more than 500 couples attended and received help in planning a wedding, according to The New


Couple gets hitched in mall on Black Friday
When many think of Black Friday, they think of a mass of shoppers rushing into to local malls, attempting to purchase everything on their gift list this holiday while the best deals are going on.


Shop for some wedding necessities on Black Friday
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only days away, and many shoppers will be searching for the best holiday gifts. Some may also be looking for something extra special, as this time of year is perfect


A wedding planner can make a couple's dream come true
When two people get engaged, their heads are bound to be spinning with all of the decisions they have to make. Everything from which beautiful wedding dress the bride will wear to which venue will the


Teenager asks to give his mother the wedding of her dreams
A teenager from Topeka, Kansas, was diagnosed with cancer when his mother was planning a wedding. Wendy Nettleingham put the idea of a wedding on the back burner so she could take care of her son, Rya


Bridal expos can help couples with wedding planning
There are so many decisions that go into planning a wedding including choosing the beautiful wedding dress, picking the perfect wedding venue and to find a wedding photographer - all of which can be q


Find wedding rings that represent the couple
When planning a wedding, it seems as though the decisions the bride and groom have to make are endless.


Bride and groom work with freak snow storm
Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when a bride and groom factor in what they are not able to control - the weather.


New York company writes thank-you notes for busy brides and grooms
Once a wedding has come and gone, there are still a few things that brides and grooms need to do such as thank-you notes.


Couple incorporates the circus into their nuptials
Planning a wedding was quite a project for Mike Mazzarella and Lindsay Moher, as they had one main theme they knew they wanted to incorporate into their wedding - the circus, according to the Bridgepo


Twenty couples to get married during wedding marathon
Planning a wedding is not that difficult for residents in Sacramento, as long as they complete a six-week course beforehand, according to the Sacramento Bee.


Picking out the perfect wedding band for the groom
When it comes to planning a wedding, it seems as if a lot of attention is on the bride - what beautiful wedding dress she will wear or what will her hair look like?


This couple is working on their fitness right before the nuptials
While some couples may decide to go on wedding fitness plans before actually tying the knot, others get more creative with their exercise routine.


Plan a destination wedding
Once the recently-engaged high lessens, the bride- and groom-to-be quickly realize that planning a wedding is more complex than they might have thought.


Four couples get hitched for free
Four couples from Long Beach, California, were able to finally say "I do," after waiting a long time.


How to plan a winter wedding
There are a number of helpful tips for individuals who are thinking about planning a wedding in the winter including which color schemes people should choose, what wedding flower arrangements and what


How to save on the wedding registry
Wedding gift ideas can be hard to come by, especially when it comes to not spending too much.


Plan a wedding at a bridal showcase
There are many decisions to be made and a number of things crossed off a checklist while planning a wedding.


Bride uses different type of bouquet for her nuptials
Kimberly Christopher has been planning a wedding for quite some time, and when it came down to the decision of what flowers she wanted in her bouquet, she opted out of it - and decided a brooch bouque


Couple gets married on the date that many family members of the bride have tied the knot
Family traditions seem to appear in couple's nuptials without them truly realizing.


Bride runs in dress after earthquake
The aftershock of Virginia's earthquake shook New York City for a few moments, resulting in people evacuating from buildings, including City Hall.


Couple's engagement photos include zombie attack
Unconventional weddings continue to circle around nuptials all over the country, and some wedding ideas stick.


Think about wearing an eco-friendly wedding dress
Brides and grooms have a laundry list of what they need to do when it comes to planning a wedding, and what better way to start planning than having the bride pick out her wedding dress?


Couple gets engaged and married on the same day
Many brides may be reluctant to allow their grooms to plan the entire wedding. Colleen Lippert did not have much of a choice, as she said "yes" and "I do" all in the same day, according to the news ch


Make wedding planning stress-free
Planning a wedding should be an enjoyable event for the soon-to-be married couple, as they are going to be displaying their love in front of their family and friends.


Planning a fall wedding tips
Even though it doesn't feel like it quite yet, summer is one its way out and the fall weddings will be starting up in a few short weeks.


Wish Upon a Wedding offers beautiful nuptials for those who can't afford it
Wish Upon a Wedding granted the Scarnecchia's of Warren, Ohio, with the wedding of their dreams this past weekend, according to Cleveland News Net.


Wedding uses classic car theme
The wedding planning for Mindy Anderson and Randy Watson has been far from the usual and traditional nuptials, from everything like the cakes to the presents, according to the Ashville Citizen-Times.


Couple to marry after tragic accident a year ago
It has been a year since the freak, tragic accident that left Rachelle Friedman paralyzed a month before she was going to walk down the aisle.


Unconventional wedding registries more common
There are many expenses that go into wedding planning, but one of them does not come out of the bride and groom's pockets.


How to make all the details easier to plan
There is no detail too little when wedding planning, including everything from the venue to the type of transportation the married couple-to-be will travel away in.


Bridesmaids becoming an expensive job
Brianne Bricker has been a bridesmaids in nine weddings in just two years, and the 24-year-old does not think she can afford another. In fact, she turned a friend down, according to CNN.


Some wedding songs to stay away from, including some of Katy Perry
It can be difficult to choose the proper songs for a wedding reception that goes with both the bride and groom's personalities, and also what is appropriate.


The roles of the bridal party members are changing
It seems as though a number of couples are choosing to forgo tradition in favor of what they really want.


Couple renews their vows after 69 years
An elderly couple from Billings, Montana, are living proof marriage can most definitely last.


Brides should be careful when hiring vendors
Many soon-to-be brides and grooms have their wedding planning in full swing.


Checklist for brides may be the best way to go
Some brides have been waiting a very long time for their wedding to come.


How to not spend a bundle on a wedding gift
Summer is the season for weddings, and for some, it feels like every week brings another ceremony to attend.


Some times to help with your special day
Wedding planning is both exciting and stressful for some, and there are a couple of tips that may help brides-to-be weed out the unnecessary dramas and focus on what is really important.


How to create your own wedding invitations
Wedding invitations and save-the-date cards may be one of the most vital parts of wedding planning.


Should pets be a part of the wedding
Brides-to-be and their future husbands may find it difficult when choosing who they want to walk down the aisle as their bridesmaids and groomsmen.


How to give the perfect wedding speech
As a wedding season approaches, the bride and groom have plenty of reasons to stress, but a maid of honor or a best man's speech should not be one of them.


Gain wedding ideas from popular movies
For some individuals, the feeling after their longtime boyfriend pops the question is pure excitement, and they want to start the wedding planning immediately.


Stress of being the bridesmaid
For many individuals, being a bridesmaid is a duty to look forward to. However, for that other population, brideszillas can make the experience less than fun, especially during the hottest month for w


Some wedding gift ideas and tips
Some individuals have a jam-packed summer full of weddings this year, and it may be important to establish the proper wedding gift etiquette.


Couple says I Do right before the husband ships off to war
She was 24 weeks pregnant - he was leaving for Iraq in a few hours. Yet Jennifer Paddock and Shawn Wentworth of Kentucky managed to find time to tie the knot before Wentworth was deployed, according t


The proper wedding guest etiquette
Summer is the season for weddings, and for those who have yet to attend one, it may be important to understand the proper wedding guest etiquette.


Best way to honor a loved one that has passed at wedding
Many believe that weddings are full of excitement, joy and hope.


Sara Rue's wedding involved beer pong.
Many couples want to select a meaningful wedding theme, something that recalls their love, their history together and the reasons they want to get hitched.


Would you have a Mario-themed wedding?
Plenty of people are looking for a non-traditional wedding, but not many are prepared to go as far as one Iowa couple.


Make your wedding eco-friendly.
No, we're not suggesting that you walk down the aisle in a green dress!


Don't forget the small stuff!
When you're planning a wedding, it's easy to get so caught up in the major things that you overlook some of the smaller details.


Keep the flowers simple to save at your wedding.
Are you looking to decorate your wedding with gorgeous flowers, but don't want to blow your budget on floral displays that'll be wilted before the week is up?


Yanks and Brits differ on their definition of an ideal wedding.
With just a couple of days to go before the royal wedding, Brits and Yanks alike are weighing in on what would make the long-awaited day as classy and special as possible.


Now that's a bright idea!
In the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, some things can quickly take precedence - the gown, the cake, centerpieces, catering and the bouquet, to name a few. But one area that might get overlooke


A woman in Britain held a wedding for her dog.
Everyone who's ever watched a sleeping puppy twitch and yap in its sleep knows that dogs can dream. But do they dream of their wedding days? One pet owner in the U.K. seems to think so - and she was d


One couple plans to walk to their wedding - more than 2,500 miles away!
People agree that a marriage is indeed a journey, but one couple is taking the idea a little literally.


Incorporate some color into your wedding for a cheerful touch.
White may be the traditional color of weddings, but many brides are finding ways to incorporate vibrant spring shades and soft pastel hues into their nuptials. Whether it's the table linens, the bouqu


More than 700 people showed up to check our bridal offerings in Bucks County.
Engaged couples, wedding planners and nuptial enthusiasts from around the country gathered this weekend in Bucks County, New York, to check out hundreds of unique and beautiful bridal gowns, decor sug


A couple got married after a groom's cancer diagnosis.
Some brides try to skip all the hoopla of wedding planning and instead elope, but Laura Kemp and Brett Fafard wanted to do it right. Still, the couple had nearly a week to plan their intimate affair.


Choose the right wedding ceremony music.
Most brides who are hoping to get hitched at a non-traditional wedding often want to choose different, exciting music for their ceremony. You can only hear Wagner's Wedding March so many times in your


Hotel gift bags are wonderful surprises for guests.
When a bride adds up her wedding costs, certain details of her dream wedding often have to be altered. Whether it's deciding on a buffet-style rather than sit-down meal, or skipping the fancy seat cov


Couples moving in together should be wary of what they buy before the wedding
Couples who decide they don't need a wedding registry often end up with gifts they don't want or need cluttering up their new place. But, if you stock up on everything you need when you move in toget


Cosmopolitan tells future brides what to look for when their man is about to propose
Some women in serious relationships have been planning a wedding since that first kiss, but what about the future husband? Does he have creative wedding ideas on the brain, or is he ignorant of your i


Wedding guests may need conversation starters.
Women planning a wedding often spend their time fussing over every major detail of their big day - no menu item is left untasted, no table linen unironed.


Ali Fedotowsky already knows her wedding ceremony music.
Ali Fedotowsky seems to have it all now - star power, a handsome guy, and a gorgeous engagement ring on her finger.


Smartphone applications are helping brides everywhere.
Let's face it - planning a wedding can be a crazy experience. Often, women who are about to march down the aisle hire a wedding planner to juggle all the hoopla.