Show off your diamond with the right nail polish


Show off your diamond with the right nail polish

There are a few aspects of getting engaged that stand above the rest. For starters, you get to marry the man of your dreams, not to mention all the fun you'll have planning a wedding and putting your creative wedding ideas in motion. However, for some ladies, the best part of saying "yes" to marriage is showing off their gorgeous baubles. Though the bling on your ring finger may be big enough to garner plenty of attention on its own, wouldn't it be nice to rock a nail polish shade that helps your sparkler stand out even more? Here are a few shades that will enhance the dazzle of your stunning new accessory:

Pretty in pink
If you like all things girlie and your guy, knowing you as well as he does, decided to splurge for a pink diamond, then you'll definitely want to help it stand out. Manicurist to the stars, April Foreman, recently told E! Online the best nail polish shade to don with a pink ring is a buttery yellow hue.

"It's subtle, a bit warm and has an amazing sheen that will complement a blush-based sparkler," Foreman told the publication.

Pink rings are not only show stopping, they're popular among the stars too. Us Weekly reports Jennifer Lopez turned heads with a 6.1-carat pink bauble during her engagement to Ben Affleck in 2002. Despite its beauty, Lopez reportedly returned the rock after she and Affleck called their wedding off two years later.

Rose gold glamour
Rose gold has been a staple in fashion for awhile now, making a chic diamond ring with a rose gold band totally acceptable. If you've gone a bit more nontraditional, like fashionista Blake Lively, the best nail polish to accentuate it is Careless Whisper by Deborah Lippmann.

Foreman shared with E! that this light pink hue with shimmering gold undertones will help draw positive attention to the ring.

"It has a shimmer that enhances the diamond but also has a rosy warmth just like the band," the manicurist told the news source.

This way, even if you don't have the enormous bauble that Ryan Reynolds gave to Lively, you'll still feel like a star.

Classy like Kate
The world stopped in November of 2010 when Prince William announced he had proposed to now-wife Kate Middleton. Though their love was on display, it was Middleton's gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring, originally worn by William's late mother, Princess Diana, that garnered the most attention.

If your guy splurged for a similar style, you'll want to accentuate the shades with a more neutral manicure.

"Keep the look classic with a beige, flesh tone polish that matches your skin tone," Foreman recommended to E!

This way the bold blue hue will truly shine.

Yellow yellow kiss a fellow
Yellow engagement rings have been growing in popularity thanks in part to a slew of A-list stars who have showed off their love with baubles of this color. Fox News reports stars like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adele, Rebecca Romijn and Heidi Klum have all donned yellow diamonds, even if some of their marriages haven't stuck.

Though some are blingier than others, the bond that ties all of these gorgeous ladies together is their yellow center stones.

If you've been presented with a stunning stand out piece like these women, the best way to give it more life is to be modest with your nail color - a light girlie pink is optimal.

"Keep the look light and pretty with a polish that won't compete with ring," Foreman shared with the publication. "Rather than pink or beige, try a sheer wash of 'non color.' It's a barely-there hue that enhances the look of the natural nail."

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Show off your diamond with the right nail polish
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Make nuptials eco-friendly
People across the globe have been attempting to make their everyday lives more eco-friendly.


Registries have more groom gifts than ever before
The traditional wedding and everything that goes with it seems to have shifted over the years.


Brides feel pressure to stay thin
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Bridal show to take place this week
A bridal expo in Seattle will feature an abundance of different vendors, flowers, dresses, cake designers - anything a bride- and groom-to-be will need while planning their wedding, according to The S


Popular fall wedding invitations
Every season there are new types of trends and styles that brides and grooms take into account when they are planning a wedding.


How to plan a winter wedding
There are a number of helpful tips for individuals who are thinking about planning a wedding in the winter including which color schemes people should choose, what wedding flower arrangements and what


Same-sex civil unions in Illinois creates boom in wedding industry
A law allowing same-sex couples to get civil unions took effect this past June in Illinois, and the wedding industry has been reaping the benefits ever since, according to the Chicago ABC News affilia


Couple says "I do" in hospital
Planning a wedding can be stressful, and even though many are eager to walk down the aisle and say their "I do's," other events may get in the way.


9/10/11 is one of the most popular wedding dates
There have been many popular wedding dates over the years, including 7/7/07 - the most popular wedding date of all time.


Bridesmaid attends wedding via iPad
Technology has certainly changed several aspects of people's everyday lives.


Having a photo booth at the wedding is becoming a popular trend
There are many wedding trends that come and go from the variations of beautiful wedding dresses to flowers and arrangements.


Mother-in-law trying to upstage bride a new trend?
When brides and grooms start planning a wedding, they have a preconceived idea of how everything will go.


Couple still plans to wed after house burns down
Brides and grooms hope for the best when their special day creeps closer, but sometimes disaster strikes.


Wedding ring trends as of late
There are many trends that a number of brides and grooms consider when planning a wedding, regardless if they are conscious of their decisions following these trends or not.


Wedding flowers one of the biggest decisions
One of the details that goes with planning a wedding is what flower arrangement ideas seem best fit for a bride and groom's special day.


Wedding sales events can be a perfect way to see the hottest trends
Many brides and grooms can agree that planning a wedding is not easy, and on top of the many decisions that need to be made, there is also the price of each item.


Bridal showers can help give engaged couples great ideas
Planning a wedding can be far from easy, and it can get extremely overwhelming once a bride and groom realize every aspect that goes into their special day.


How to incorporate fireworks into wedding ceremony
Planning a wedding is full of decisions and pressures that many brides- and grooms-to-be did not expect. However, one trend that many couples would enjoy during their reception or ceremony is a firewo


Couple says "I do" to virtual minister
Technology is now incorporating itself into wedding trends, as many betrothed couples have websites discussing their nuptials.


Costa Rica is a popular destination wedding spot
Couples who are planning a wedding may want to look into Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, for a fantastic tropical backdrop to their nuptials.


After party is the growing trend in weddings
Many wedding guests just want the party to keep going as they enjoy the celebration of their loved ones uniting


Wedding had Boston Bruins theme
Planning a wedding sometimes reaches a point when some of the original plans change.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg presided over a same-sex wedding this past Sunday
Many same-sex couples have been planning a wedding since gay marriage was legalized, and Sunday they finally got to say "I do."


How to rid of those wedding jitters
Many brides- and grooms-to be start to get a little bit of wedding jitters before their big day, and sometimes it is simply the product of the stress of planning a wedding.


Same-sex marriages begin in New York this weekend
Wedding planning has been in full swing in New York, as the first day of same-sex marriages comes into effect is on its way.


Gay couple hopes to be first to wed in New York
Mimi Brown and Carol Anastasio have been wedding planning at a rapid pace, as they eagerly await to marry in New York on July 24 - the first day gay marriage is in effect in New York, according to the


Brides Across America continues their effor
Many bridal boutiques and salons across the country are taking part in the Brides Across America project, which donates wedding dresses to members in active duty or the wives of men who are in active


When weddings do not go as planned
Wedding planning is something that is very time-consuming. It could take years and some may argue they have been planning it since they can remember.


Ritz-Carlton hotels say they can make a wedding planning an enjoyable experience
Wedding planning for the married couple-to-be can evoke feelings ranging from stressful, exciting and overwhelming.


Fourth of July surprise wedding
It was the annual 4th of July parade in Audubon, New Jersey, and the leading car stopped in front of a resident's home, much to the woman's surprise.


Two Chihuahuas tie the knot
Cheryl Bobik is a nurse's aid at the DuPage County Convalescent Center in Wheaton, Illinois, and recently put on a wedding at facility she works at.


Weddings boosting in price, leaving some traditions out
There are several reality shows on T.V. that highlights all of the stresses that can go into wedding planning, including how pricey some of these nuptials can be.


Same-sex marriage legalized in New York
New York is officially the sixth state to legalize gay marriage in the United States, and they did so last Friday.


Grooms are getting more involved in wedding planning
Many people have heard the term "Bridezilla" before, as it typically refers to a woman so overcome by the stress of planning her wedding that she takes it out on those around her.


One woman tied the knot in a very different setting
For most women, their wedding day is the most important event in their lives.


Joplin couple follows through with wedding even after the tornado hit
Aaron Cox and Brooke Watson, who are originally from Joplin, Missouri, decided to tie the knot regardless of the May 22 tornado which leveled their hometown, according to the Joplin Globe.


Brides Against Breast Cancer offer discounted wedding dresses for charity
Brides-to-be across Philadelphia have a chance this weekend to purchase a discounted wedding gown, and the money will go toward Making Memories, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.


Enjoy a movie with your sweetie.
Whether you're engaged, already married or still waiting for Prince Charming, every gal can enjoy a great flick about the magic and romance of marriage.


White flowers are a beautiful addition to your wedding.
If you're looking for an elegant and beautiful wedding on a budget, things don't get much more beautiful or romantic than a simple backyard ceremony.


A couple with a combined age of nearly two centuries has finally wed.
If you're worried that you're going to be an older bride, you can relax - Rose Pollard has that title on lock.


No one wants to lose their wedding ring.
It's every newlywed's nightmare - losing your wedding ring. And it happened to 59-year-old Gary Maitha one afternoon in a suburban Phoenix, Arizona, convenience store, according to KTAR.


Polygamy is a crime.
It's not uncommon to post your wedding photographs on Facebook to celebrate and commemorate the day, but if you think you might one day want to engage in (illegal) polygamy, you might want to think tw


Is TV making a mockery of marriage?
These days, it's virtually impossible to turn on your television without seeing a show about marriage - from Say Yes To The Dress to Bridalplasty to Shedding For The Wedding, if you want your fix of n


Let Scarlett O'Hara be your inspiration for a Southern wedding.
You don't have to be Southern to enjoy a Southern-style wedding - serving sweet tea and barbecue, exchanging vows on a porch or riding down the aisle on a horse are some stereotypical wedding touches


Elvis is apparently a popular wedding guest.
Many brides and grooms like to include a little entertainment when planning a wedding. Oftentimes this entertainment comes in the form of a band, such as a cover act, a jazz band, a single acoustic gu


A number of couples celebrated 50 years of marriage!
Every married couple hopes to make it to their golden wedding anniversary - their 50th - but what if you stay happily hitched for more than two decades after that? If you're Joseph and Katherina Holze


Have a rehearsal dinner picnic!
One of the most time-consuming aspects of planning a wedding is coordinating a rehearsal dinner. With so much to take care of, the affair can be like a mini-wedding in itself!


Should you get hitched on Valentine's Day?
It's safe to say that most couples planning a winter wedding likely consider getting hitched on Valentine's Day. After all, why not exchange vows on one of the most romantic days of the year?


A groom went to great lengths to make his wedding special.
Moviegoers who have seen the British hit drama The King's Speech were likely enamored with the heartwarming dialogue, incredible acting and fantastic direction. The film recounts how King George VI wo


Yes, you can stay in love years after getting hitched!
Couples who are experiencing cold feet during their wedding planning because they're worried about the passion dwindling over time may want to perk up - according to a recent study, it's possible to b


A couple wed at Boston's Prudential mall.
Some brides savor every part of the process of planning a wedding, from picking out a color scheme to deciding on wedding favors. Other women, however, want to get their blessed event over and done wi


Elvis Presley inspired a bride's wedding theme.
Women looking for interesting wedding themes may want to take a cue from Victoria Schneider. According to, she and her fiancé, Marc Allen Schwartz, are getting married this w


There are new engagement ring trends popping up everywhere.
Jessica Simpson has one. So does Kate Middleton. No, we're not referring to their gorgeous fiancés - we're talking about their non-diamond engagement rings!


Are you headed to the altar?
Almost any girl who is seriously happy in her relationship is going to want her guy to put a ring on it. However, how is a woman to know if wedding planning is in her future?


A woman got married in a snowman costume.
Women about to become a Mrs. often spend their engagement period searching through scores of elegant wedding dresses. However, it looks like one Ohio bride chose quite the festive ensemble for her all


Marriage is good for men, a new study shows.
It looks as though guys who endure the stressful process of planning a wedding will experience a huge payoff - according to a recent study, marriage makes men extremely mellow.


A couple got hitched in a snowstorm!
Most people believe that rain is good luck for one's wedding day, but what about a plentiful amount of snow? If anything, Ian Cawthorne, 25, and Alecia Hougton, 22, can say their wedding was whiter th


Should you wear colored shoes to a wedding?
Women planning a wedding often want to spice up their look with a splash or two of colors. But how many hues can a bride incorporate into her ensemble without it seeming too over-the-top?


A bride jumped into the sea to save another woman's life!
A woman in Australia recently became a bride and a Good Samaritan all in the same day, ABC News reports.


The tallest married couple recently had something to celebrate.
Wayne and Laurie Hallquist went through the process of planning a wedding seven years ago, and they have been happily married ever since. However, the couple recently celebrated another milestone - be


Should you send a postcard for your save-the-date?
Every bride on a strict wedding budget looks for ways to cut the cost of certain essentials. And, one of the best ways to do this is to send out a save-the-date wedding postcard as opposed to an invit


A Florida man used a baseball diamond to propose.
We're willing to bet there's one Florida woman who will never bug her main squeeze about watching baseball again.


Greet your wedding guests like a champ.
One of the things a woman planning a wedding looks forward to is her reception. After the vows are exchanged and the rings are slipped on a bride and groom's fingers, it's safe to say they will want t


Stormy weather could ruin your vacation.
Women who were looking at destination wedding venues but instead opted to become a Mrs stateside often find themselves counting the minutes until they're on their honeymoon. Still, brides planning a w


One bride is getting married without a groom.
Some girls wait their entire lives to begin planning a wedding. Still, if Mr Right doesn't come along, what options does a woman have?


Brides may want to think about giving to charity while also registering.
Women currently looking at wedding reception venues and elegant wedding dresses may also be thinking about one important detail for their wedding - the registry. However, it goes without saying that b


A bunch of couples in Atlanta renewed their vows.
There may be few things sweeter than spending one's golden or diamond wedding anniversary by renewing wedding vows, yet 125 couples in the Atlanta area got to do just that.


A bunch of the Chilean miners are getting married!
Going through a traumatic event often leads people to reevaluate their lives, and it looks as though the Chilean miners are no different from the rest. In fact, CBS News reports that a handful of the


Brides should always sign up for a registry.
Couples planning a wedding who currently live with one another may be wondering if they should sign up for a registry. After all, you only need so many pots and pans.


Three sisters got married - at the same time!
Sisters tend to do everything with one another, but three Wisconsin siblings are taking this idea to another level. According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Katie, Claire and Helen Kunkel will all ex


A UK couple reconnected at 53 years!
For those wondering about "the one who got away," here's a story that you should listen to.


A man's proposal went awry on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Ladies, men will tell you that the most nervous moment of their lives was when they popped the question to their wives. It looks though a sentimental sweetheart from New York can attest to that.


Bruce Springsteen took engagement photos with a young couple.
It's not easy for engaged couples to find a wedding photographer, but when they do, it's safe to say they look forward to seeing them shoot their engagement photos.


Two women played paintball while in their wedding dress!
We recently reported on Trash the Dress - a fad that allows women to indulge in dirtying up their wedding dress after they become a Mrs.


Everyday couples are now renewing their vows.
Mariah Carey did it and so did Heidi Klum. Once solely a celebrity trend, renewing one's wedding vows is currently reaching the general public. According to the New York Times, everyday men and women


An Elvis minister helped a couple renew their vows.
While scores of lovebirds flock to Las Vegas every year in order to get hitched in a jiffy, British couple Gillian and Michael Charlesworth, who were looking to mark their 25th wedding anniversary in


A recently engaged couple with a great story will soon walk down the aisle
Wedding proposals can come in many forms, some so outlandish and cute that they cause a stir around the globe even when they don't involve a celebrity.


A man proposed to his girlfriend in front of her third-grade class!
A third-grade class got a break from the usual reading and writing routine when their teacher's boyfriend showed up to their room - and got down on bended knee!


It's easy being green.
Going green is as trendy as can be at the moment. Not so surprisingly, the environmentally-conscious way of living is extending to weddings across the globe.


All brides should try to stay happy on their special day.
Between dealing with scores of different vendors and making endless decisions, planning a wedding can be super-stressful. Still, brides shouldn't lose sleep (or their hair) while prepping for their wa


A couple exchanged vows 42 times!
All couples need to secure their wedding finances before they head to the altar, yet it looks as though Denise and Mark Duffield can exchange wedding vows as many times as they like while someone else


Hilary Duff had her wedding essentials down pat.
A woman is often most inspired when she's planning a wedding, but finding something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue can be difficult to pin down.


Think about your wedding guests when planning flower centerpieces.
When a bride thinks about the flowers for her big day, she often envisions the look of her bridal bouquet. However, centerpieces for wedding receptions are often just as important.


Picking out two wedding dresses is the latest fad.
Is there anything more difficult than choosing wedding dress? For women who are planning a wedding, one single gown may not cut it.