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How To Create A Navy And Gold-Themed Wedding: Elegant Decor Tips And Ideas

A navy and gold wedding theme offers a harmonious balance between deep blue tones’ sophistication and metallic gold’s luxurious shimmer, creating an atmosphere of elegance and celebration.

Planning a wedding around these colors allows for a range of expressions, from a grand, formal affair to a more intimate and modern vibe.

From attire to decorations, this color combination can permeate every part of your wedding, including invitations that set the tone for guests and table settings that create stunning visual backdrops.

How To Create A Navy And Gold-Themed Wedding

Join us as we share how to create the perfect navy and gold-themed wedding.

Key Takeaways

  • Navy and gold theme exudes elegance and can be tailored to various wedding settings.
  • Incorporate this color palette into all aspects of your wedding for a unified look.
  • Use invitations and table settings to establish and enhance the luxurious theme.

Planning Your Wedding Theme

When selecting your wedding theme, a navy and gold palette balances classic charm and modern luxury.

This combination promises a showcase of timeless elegance, reflecting a tone of both romance and sophistication.

To craft this stylish ambiance, focus on a harmonious blend of deep, navy hues with gold accents to create a visually stunning experience for you and your guests.

  • Color Coordination: Begin with your navy and gold theme as the centerpiece for all decor elements. Think of navy as your base, providing a rich, romantic backdrop, while gold adds a touch of luxury and warmth.
  • Stationery and Invites: Your invitations set the stage. Use a navy background with gold lettering or borders to echo your theme.
  • Table Settings: Create a sophisticated tablescape with navy tablecloths and gold centerpieces or charger plates. Consider golden candle holders or navy napkins with gold rings as finer details.
  • Florals and Decor: Flowers in cream or white can soften the look, paired with your color palette in decor like navy drapes with gold ties or classic navy chairs with gold frames.
  • Attire: Incorporate your scheme into the bridal party’s attire. Dress the bridesmaids in navy gowns, and opt for navy suits with gold cufflinks for the groomsmen.

Remember, balance is key. Your navy and gold wedding should exude elegance without overwhelming your guests with too much of either color.

By carefully blending the elements of your theme, you ensure a luxurious yet classically romantic ambiance that will be remembered for years to come.

Attire And Accessories

When planning your navy and gold-themed wedding, the attire chosen by the wedding party will set the tone for the regal ambiance you’re striving to achieve.

Carefully select each piece, from the bridal gown to the groom’s tie, to align seamlessly with your lavish color palette.

Bridal Outfits

Your wedding dress is the centerpiece of your bridal look.

Choose a bold, navy blue wedding dress beautifully complemented by gold accessories, or select a white dress with intricate gold lace detailing for a more traditional look.

Consider gold shoes as a stunning accent that adds a pop of your theme color.

Groom And Groomsmen

Dress the men in navy blue suits to harmonize with the theme.

A gold tie and a matching handkerchief can introduce a subtle yet striking hint of luxury.

Don’t shy away from gold cufflinks or a navy and gold watch to complete their ensemble.

Bridesmaids And Flower Girls

Bridesmaids can grace the aisle in elegant navy dresses accented with gold accessories like belts, bracelets, or earrings.

For flower girls, a navy dress with a gold sash or ribbon can charmingly tie the look together with your wedding’s color story.

How To Create A Navy And Gold-Themed Wedding

Wedding Decor And Floral Arrangements

In blending the timeless elegance of navy with the luxurious shimmer of gold, your wedding decor and floral arrangements should be crafted to spread both warmth and glamour throughout your ceremony and reception venues.

Ceremony And Venue

For your ceremony, consider a navy tablecloth stretched across the altar, presenting a sea of tranquil blue as the backdrop for your vows.

Place gold vases overflowing with a mix of roses and hydrangeas at either side for a symmetrical flourish.

The color scheme should be consistent, with gold accents like gold candelabras or candle holders peppered around to catch the light and create an inviting glow, guiding the eye towards the matrimonial focal point.

Reception Table Settings

As you transition to the reception, your tables can become canvases of navy and gold.

Begin with blue tablecloths setting the stage for gold charger plates that add a touch of sophistication to each place setting.

Gold table runners can be a striking contrast atop navy linens, leading guests’ eyes to carefully curated centerpieces.

Here, floral arrangements should continue to harness your color palette, with flowers matching those used in your ceremony.

For functionality and elegance, incorporate gold table numbers that stand out against deeper hues, while gold-rimmed plates and polished gold cutlery complete the luxurious table settings.

Keep in mind that every element, from the tablecloth to the table settings and centerpieces, should harmonize to envelop your guests in the opulent energy of your navy and gold theme.

Invitations And Stationery

Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests will have into the grandeur of your navy and gold-themed wedding.

Opting for navy cards with gold calligraphy offers a classic yet modern appeal.

When selecting your wedding stationery, consistency is key to setting the tone for your special day.


  • Choose a sturdy navy paper stock as the foundation.
  • Use gold foil stamping for a luxurious touch.
  • Include a gold-lined envelope for an extra hint of elegance.

Gold Calligraphy

  • For the invitation text, select a sophisticated script in gold ink.
  • Gold calligraphy also adds a personalized look to your escort cards and signage.

Wedding Stationery Suite

The stationery suite encompasses several elements:

  • RSVP cards: Match them with the invitation design for cohesiveness.
  • Information cards: Provide additional details on gold-accented cards for clarity.
  • Menus: Impress your guests with gold-detailed menus at their tables.

Day-Of Stationery

  • Escort cards: Guide your guests to their seats with stylish navy cards featuring gold lettering.
  • Table numbers: Maintain the theme with navy table numbers, prominently featuring gold numerals.
  • Signage: Direct guests throughout your venue with signs that marry navy backgrounds and golden fonts.

Selecting a navy and gold palette for your invitations and stationery will create a sense of anticipation and luxury, signaling a memorable event to come.

The key is in the details—subtle gold accents and quality materials will speak volumes about your wedding before the day even arrives.

Our Final Word

When planning your navy and gold-themed wedding, consider how to seamlessly introduce these accents to everything from your stationary to your outfit for the big day for a classy and elegant celebration.

For more inspiration, view our guide on creating a champagne, burgundy, and blush-themed wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some stylish navy blue and gold wedding outfit ideas?

For a sophisticated look, consider a navy blue suit with a gold tie or pocket square for men. Women can opt for elegant navy dresses with gold accessories. Experiment with texture to add depth to your attire.

How can I incorporate navy and gold into my wedding decorations effectively?

Utilize navy blue tablecloths and chair covers, and adorn them with gold candle holders or vases. Incorporate these colors into your floral arrangements, and hang navy drapes with gold accents for a luxurious feel.

What table setting ideas are best suited for a navy blue and gold wedding reception?

Opt for navy blue table runners over crisp white linens and set the table with gold-rimmed dishware. Adding gold chargers and navy napkins folded in a sophisticated design completes the elegant setting.

What are some suitable color pairings with navy blue for a wedding palette?

Apart from gold, navy blue pairs well with blush pink, emerald green, or grey. These combinations can create a range of atmospheres, from romantic to modern elegance.

How does one select a harmonious color scheme with gold for wedding decor?

Select hues that complement gold’s warm tones, such as ivory, white, or pastel shades. For a bolder look, consider contrasting colors like royal blue or burgundy, which will pop against the gold accents.