Basic Wedding Cake Shapes

To find the right shape of wedding cake for your reception, take a cue from the tone and or theme of your wedding. Here, we discuss 5 basic wedding cake shapes to help you select the perfect option for your big day and can also be seen in our gallery of wedding cakes pictures.


This whimsical shaped confection is perfect for the couple who isn’t afraid to really stand out. Think Alice in Wonderland. While tilted cakes have a wobbly look to them, each tier is crafted securely in place. Play up your tilted cake with fun, striking colors and unique stencil designs.


The most traditional of shapes, round cakes are a wedding reception staple. Although it is a simplistic style, experienced bakers and pastry chefs can play up the decor by adding buttercream beads, sugary blossoms, decadent fillings and of course, color. All which will be captured in your wedding cakes pictures.

Hexagonal (six-sided)

Similar to a square cake, only with more sides. Considering the shape of this cake alone garners mounds of attention, minimizing embellishments will ensure the spotlight is kept on its unique design


A contemporary approach to the wedding cake is the distinctively modern square shape. Couples can add multiple tiers to square cakes for extra bit of flair, or angle tiers at each layer for a more creative look.

Scalloped (Petal)

This cake bears the resemblance of a flower petal, hence the name. Typically, each tier of scalloped wedding cakes has a different design, which helps to break up the monotony.

Remember, wedding cakes are a popular focal point of the reception. Choose a wedding cake shape that blends well with the mood and feel of your wedding planning and reflects your unique personality. Your wedding cakes pictures will capture this moment forever.