Beauty Tips for Summer Brides

Summer is a popular time of year for wedding planning. The days are longer, and sunny weather is the perfect backdrop for any outdoor ceremony. But summer heat can also wreak havoc on hair and wedding makeup, causing brides to have to take a few more steps in preparing beauty looks for the big day.

To get you ready to withstand the elements, celebrity makeup artist Kimara Ahnert shares with us beauty tips for summer brides. Here is what she has to say.

What are the best looks for summer brides?

“Take your beauty cues from the weather, the best look for a summer bride would be a clean and simple palette—sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer, and creme blush will help beat humidity. Also, candy pink generally looks great on all skin color, hair color, and age ranges, so incorporating those colors into your eye shadow, lipstick, or your bridesmaid’s wedding makeup is an easy way to ensure a great look.”

What beauty tools will help weather the elements during a summer wedding? What products should a bride keep in her survival makeup kit?

Waterproof mascara, face primer (it will keep foundation in place), translucent powder, and rice paper/oil blotting paper are all essential for summer weddings. As for her survival kit, she should keep tissue, breath mints, and lip gloss or lipstick along with the waterproof mascara and oil blotting papers.”

Any professional advice for brides when testing wedding makeup looks for her big day?

Go for a trial make up application before your wedding day. Be honest about the look you want to create and if the artist doesn’t achieve it go to another makeup artist- it’s your day you shouldn’t be shy about what you want. Also, remember that you still want to look like yourself, only enhanced. So don’t over-apply your makeup. Maybe add fake lashes or do a smoky eye, however not everything has to be bold, trendy, or overdone just because it’s your wedding day. You will have these pictures forever and you don’t want to look back and cringe at your wedding makeup.”

Celebrity makeup artist, Kimara Ahnert is owner of the Kimara Ahnert Studios. Her A-list celebrity clientele includes Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brooke Shields. With 20 years of experience, Ahnert and her staff of professional makeup artists handle over 300 weddings a year. For more information, visit her website