Bridal Beauty: 10 Wedding Makeup Don'ts

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Here are 10 wedding makeup trends brides should avoid for the big walk down the aisle.

1. Glitter: It can catch the light or camera flash and create ‘stars’ in photos.

2. Dark or smokey eye makeup: it can make your eyes look small and/or look messy in pictures.

3. Matching your eye shadow or lipstick to your wedding colors: Very 80s and unnecessary.

4. Not wearing a lip stain with red lipstick: It’s a beautiful color that isn’t maintenance free unless you wear a long lasting lipstick that stains your lips and allows you to kiss, eat and drink without smearing or needing to touch up.

5. Forgoing foundation: Whether you need it or not, use it because it creates an even skin tone.

6. Unmatched foundation: Your face and neck should blend, so use a foundation that is your exact skin tone to eliminate the obvious two-tone appearance of foundation.

7. Letting your au-natural bridesmaid go without
wedding makeup: Every woman whose picture will be taken needs to have makeup on. Period. It brings color to your face, covers imperfections, and makes you look better in photos.

8. Disco eyes: Eye makeup that resembles every color of the rainbow is distracting and unattractive in photos.

9. Bronzer over-load: The effect is meant to mimic where the sun would naturally kiss your face — down bridge of nose, across the forehead, tip of chin and highest part of cheeks. It is not meant to be worn over every inch of your face to look like a tan.

10. Not feeling comfortable in your
wedding makeup: In order to look beautiful you need to feel beautiful, so having a trial run of your wedding day look prior to the big day is important. This gives you the opportunity to see how you will look but to also make changes if necessary so you are comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Remember, looking good doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a lot of makeup. Beauty starts from the inside out, and the right makeup artist for your
wedding makeup will enhance what’s naturally there. So find a makeup artist you trust artist to get your face picture ready and make you happy.

Christina Kazadzis is a professional airbrush and
wedding makeup artist, eyelash extensionist and owner of Touch of Color Airbrush Makeup Artistry. She has been a makeup artists for over 10 years, and has experience working with brides and editorial for print and television.