Bridesmaid Dress Styles Should Flatter, Give Comfort

There are many different bridesmaid wedding fashion styles.The comfort and pleasure your bridesmaid gets from her gown are based on its fit and its ability to flatter her figure. Cleaner styles and less-restrictive rules make it possible for you to find an ensemble everyone can live with.

Fit is so important that many brides let their attendants choose their own styles within an appropriate color. This can be important if your attendants have a range of different body shapes. Many designers have jumped on this bandwagon and carry many bridesmaid dress styles in the same fabrics and colors. This approach can mean a look that’s either fairly consistent or distinctly individualized.

Other brides select the specific wedding fashion gown style and color, but leave the color’s intensity up to their bridesmaids. You could, for example, choose red and let your bridesmaids decide in which shade — from hot pink to maroon — they’re most comfortable. But be careful. Darker colors like midnight blue, black and forest green flatter most complexions, while pastels complement light complexions best.

If you decide that your bridesmaids should wear a single gown style and color, there are ways for them to express their personalities without sacrificing impact. Accessories now come in so many colors that they can match almost any bridesmaid dress style and color — you’ll find mixing and matching accessories to be fun and productive. Also, scarves and shawls come in many shapes, sizes and levels of ornamentation.

Bridesmaid wedding fashion styles influenced by evening wear have become more popular. This means your bridesmaids can more easily wear their dresses again. And that’s important when you consider their financial investments.

Another new trend is the twin set. This two-piece, “mix and match” approach lets you order each piece separately in the appropriate size. The twin set also offers practical uses for your bridesmaids — it can be the basis for a variety of outfits after the wedding.

If your wedding planning is more formal or traditional, consider an A-line cut for your bridesmaids wedding fashion. The A-line flatters most body shapes, whether Rubenesque or slender and petite while retaining elegance. You might combine an A-line skirt with an empire waist for even greater adaptability.

If you want your bridesmaids in strapless gowns or dresses that won’t allow them to wear bras, confer with each of them beforehand. Such choices are very uncomfortable for some women, and not just because of their body shapes. Always remember that comfort — both physical and emotional — is important.

When you shop for bridesmaid dress styles, take your maid or matron of honor with you. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, only then should you seek input from other bridesmaids. Expect strong reactions, whether positive or negative, and be ready to be persuasive. By supplying options to them, you avoid the hurt feelings that always result from a “my way or the highway” attitude.