Butterfly Releases: Facts & Myths

There are many myths around the release of butterflies at special events and weddings. However, the butterfly release facts speak for themselves - releases are safe and humane and add a special touch to your wedding decorations when you take the time to educate yourself.

Below are some basic butterfly release facts and the myths they debunk:

Myth — You can color coordinate the butterflies to your colors.

Fact — Butterflies only come in a few different colors. There are no white butterflies that can be shipped across state lines. The colors range between black, browns, and oranges and yellow mixes.

Myth — Only half of the butterflies will survive up to the time of the release.

Fact —Your butterflies are handled and packed in such a way to protect them and make sure that they will survive the journey. Extra butterflies are usually included just in case a couple would not survive.
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Myth - They will not fly and people will step on them.

Fact — If you do a release properly, you will have a lovely release experience. Talk to your butterfly farmer.

Myth — Butterfly releases are cruel to the butterfly.

Fact — The butterflies are raised and handled with the best of care. The butterflies are only sent to environments that they already exist in. After a release, the butterflies will live the rest of their natural lives in the wild.

Myth — The butterflies will get confused when released.

Fact — Studies have been done to show that there are not effects to butterflies shipped across states. Monarch Watch does a tagging program and has found commercially raised butterflies that have successfully migrated to the overwintering sites.
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Myth — The butterflies will have nothing to eat and will die.

Fact — Again, talk to your butterfly farmer about the proper times to release butterflies. If butterflies are released in the summertime, there are plenty of nectar flowers around for them to survive on. Some butterflies even nectar on fruit and tree sap. You do not want to try to release them in the middle of the winter. Use common sense.

Myth — Most of the butterflies will arrive dead or not make it to the release.

Fact — Thousands and thousands of butterflies are shipped across the United States and Canada and arrive live and healthy They are released to live the rest of their natural life in the wild. Only a very few of those thousands of butterflies may not make it.

Knowing your butterfly release facts will help you make a better decision when it comes to your wedding and wedding decorations.

Jodi Hopper is the owner and operator of Wish Upon A Butterfly, an event firm specializing in butterfly releases and displays for wedding planning.