Choosing a Wedding Cake Flavor

How many times have you eaten forgettable wedding cake? With the wonderfully talented pastry chefs out there serving the wedding industry, there is no reason any bride should have a wedding cake with mediocre flavor. Here are some ideas for working with your pastry chef to create a really delicious wedding cake that tastes as good as the wedding cakes pictures.

Select a variety of cake flavors

Most pastry chefs will allow you to choose different flavors of cake for each tier at very little or no additional cost.

Add flavor and interest with fillings

Some of my favorite combinations of wedding cake flavors include chocolate cake with strawberry filling; amaretto cake with raspberry filling; vanilla cake with chocolate fudge filling; and chocolate cake with cherry filling. These variations can also add to your wedding cakes pictures.

Add liqueurs to the cake batter

Some pastry chefs work with amazing liqueurs, such as Grand Marnier, in the batter. It gives the cake an orange-flavored undertone. Other great ideas for liqueur-inspired cakes are Chambord (raspberry flavor), Creme de Cassis (blackberry flavor), and Chocolate liqueur, which adds great moisture and flavor to chocolate cakes.

Frost your cake with butter cream…even if you are getting a fondant cake

Most people don’t like the taste of fondant, but it looks gorgeous. Don’t skip the fondant; just make sure your pastry chef puts a layer of frosting between the cake and the fondant. Your guests will be able to eat the cake from the fondant shell and still have delicious frosting. Note: A few pastry chefs make great-tasting fondant, so make sure to taste it before you make your final decision.

Now go out and have fun tasting lots and lots of wedding cake! Choosing the perfect pastry chef is one of the most fun projects of the wedding-planning process.

See our gallery of wedding cakes pictures for more ideas.

Susan Southerland is the national wedding expert for
Perfect Wedding Guide. To learn more of her wedding planning tips and secrets, visit her blog.